Friday, December 17, 2010

A Personal Story

Hello all my wonderful bloggy friends. We are still trying to stay warm here in Ohio. More snow fell the night before last so I've been staying inside and keeping myself occupied by making scarves for everyone.

 How do ya like that picture? He looks super cold. My son left him on the porch under a chair when it was much warmer. Unfortunately this wrestler still sits in the snow on our porch.

 Here is a neat picture of the snow in between the front wrap around and the deck. I like all the puppy and kitty prints and the way the snow has kind of drifted around the bushes. I love the snow but it has been a pain to drive in and I have a 4wd car.

Now on to my personal story. This is one of those things that only close members of my family know.  It is hard for me to deal with, it is very embarrassing for me, and very emotional for me. So I need to give you a little background.

First off, I was raised by my mom. She was a single parent for a long time and she tried really hard to provide what she could for us. (Myself and my two younger brothers). He had medical and vision through her job but the dental was too much so my brothers and I never went to the dentist..ever! As a matter of fact, the only reason why we had vision insurance is because my oldest younger brother had very poor vision.

I never had a cavity until I was 17 years old. It formed because something I ate chipped one of my back teeth. I told my mom what had happened and we watched it. It became a cavity, still she couldn't afford to have it fixed. Then it became painful. So we went to the dentist. Pulling that tooth was cheaper than the little bit of drill and fill that had to be done so my  mom had it pulled.

 Here is a picture of me and my best friend Alli. I was in 10th grade and 15-16 years old at this time. Before my first cavity.

 Here is me and alli again before our graduation. I didn't mind the missing tooth because you couldn't see it when I smiled.

 Here is my Bestie Alli helping me at my wedding. I was nearly 21 when I got married. You can see, still very beautiful teeth. No cavities here.

 And again after my wonderful hubby and I got married. I love this one. Oh but I'm getting off my story slightly.

So, I didn't get another cavity until I was pregnant with my oldest son when I was 23. I gave birth to him and two months later moved here to Ohio. I decided I would get my cavity taken care of and went to a very reputable dentist in my area. Everyone I talked to sung his praises. I arrived for my 8am appointment on that day and they took me straight back for the initial exam, x-rays, and cleaning. The dentist said he would take care of that tooth and I had a couple others that needed attended to and he had time. So I said ok. He filled all of my teeth, top and bottom on my left side starting with my upper and lower front teeth. I sat in the dental chair with my mouth gaping wide open from 8am until 1pm. I had blisters from the nurses pulling my mouth open because I had it open for so long the tendons were tightening up. The fillings the dentist had put in hurt my whole mouth. I couldn't chew, brush, run my tongue over or anything because the pain was so bad. I called the dentist to ask if it was a normal reaction and he said yes. Worse of all, the tooth I origionally went in there for was still in my mouth.

One month later the fillings this dentist put in started falling out. The teeth would break soon after that. I was mortified. I started having panic attacks and depression so bad because I felt I looked hideous. Worse part is I didn't have any dental insurance so I couldn't have anything done about them.

I ended up having tons of cavities, broken, horrible looking teeth because of the actions of this dentist.  I learned how to smile without showing any teeth.

 See, no teeth. So now I am doing something about it. August 27, 2010 I had all of my lower teeth extracted and October 13, 2010 I had all of my upper teeth extracted. I am toothless. Very embarrassing for me to admit.

Even more embarrassing is the fact that now I'm afraid of getting the dentures (would love to get implants but cannnot afford them). I'm afraid I will be a person who can't wear them because I will gag all the time. They won't look natural, they won't fit right, the list goes on and on.

So what do you all think? Does not having teeth or having to get dentures at 30 years of age something to be embarrassed about? Does anyone out there have dentures and can ease my anxieties?

Oh and I tried to make an appointment to get my impressions and to pick out the color, shape and all of that stuff but the offices are closed due to all the snow we have been getting. Damned if I do, embarrassed forever if I dont. :p

Now you know my personal story, one truth about me that not too many know about.

Oh yeah I have a good picture for you...completely unrelated to my story.
See the kitty. He is sitting on the roof outside of the window. He is saying please let me in, I am so cold. After I ran to grab my camera I did let him in.

That is all for today my friends. I hope you all are keeping warm. Feel free to leave me comments. I love comments. Until we meet again, Be Blessed.


  1. I so wish I could give you a hug right now. I have and am going through a similar situation. I know exactly how you feel. I'll send a PM on Ravelry later.

  2. I think you look beautiful. You have nothing to be ashamed about. Please don't be embarassed,and waste your time worring about what others think. I speak from pesonal experience 20 years wasted so far!!xx

  3. Dear Erin, it's good for you to let this story out. Did you sue that dentist? You should! I had an oral surgeon pull the WRONG molar! I sued him and won. I am now using the inheritance from my mother's estate to pay for 2 implants. One upper molar broke off at the gum line last year. So, I'm getting one upper and one lower implant put in, I should have had 4 to get the teeth back on my left side but that was too expensive so I went with just 2. Get the dentures and it will work out fine and you'll have a beautiful smile again. I just want to be able to chew! ((hugs)) Teresa

  4. Teresa I didn't sue. I should have but I didn't. Now I hear this dentist (if you can call him that) has a private practice in Columbus, Ohio. All in all I am still sure about my decision, I am very worried about the dentures.

    @ everyone..Thank you for your very encouraging comments.

  5. Erin, if you want to email me your address I want to send you a little surprise. :-)

  6. Hi Erin, Thanks for sharing your was very courageous of you. I can feel your pain, I think you will do fine with the denture. Many people do just fine and dentures have come a long way and really look natural and pretty. I work in a dental office so I see alot of them and really you will be fine. I know it is so scary and embarrassing for you, I don't ever mean to not value your feelings, but have faith that it will workout. Find a dentist who listens to you and will work with you. Blessing to you and your beautiful family. xo Robin❤

  7. Love the wrestler! Looks like my grandsons have been visiting! Keep your head up and don't worry about what others think (I know it is hard). Hope you and yours have a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

  8. ((((Hugs)))) There is no reason to be embarrassed. My dad had to get dentures when he was in his 30's because of a very similar story. He was the type and still is to gag at everything but he only had a short adjustment period, about a week, and he wasn't gagging anymore. Praying for you!!