Thursday, December 9, 2010

Random Things to Share

Hello friends! Things are busy, busy, busy here as always. There has been shopping, crafting, fun, laughing...I wanted to share some things with you.

1. All of our Christmas shopping is finished! Under our tree is full as you can see. All that is left is getting the stocking stuffers. This usually includes candy and small cheap toys. I usually hit up the dollar stores and find some cute and charming bargains for the stockings.

2. Toe socks. I absolutely love toe socks. They look funny on me as I have some very long toes (my darling hubby says it almost looks like I now have 3 lovely pairs of toe socks to keep my toesies warm this winter.

3. My youngest furbaby Shorty's sweater. She loves to wear sweaters. Being part Chihuahua she is always cold and trimbling. Doesn't she look lovely?

4. My oldest furbaby Tinkerbell. She is dachshund and chihuahua mixed. She isn't as cold as shorty but she does love to snuggle. She doesn't like sweaters too much but tolerates me putting them on her so she can go outside to potty.

5. My eldest daughter Hope. We finally got the new mirrors to put in the girl's room and bathroom and since she is nearly 12 she stands in front of them and primps. Last night she came downstairs and said "Hey mom look, Cousin It". If you have watched any of the Addams Family movies or television shows, you know what I'm talking about. What a lovely sense of humor she has.

That is all for tonight. I'm going to go grab some hooky time while my family watches Shrek Ever After.
Until next time you all, Be Blessed.


  1. Wow all your shopping done. Your dogs look very cute in their sweaters. Your daughter is a cutie.

    I remember cousin It.

  2. I'm impressed that most of your shopping is done. I have the grandkids done but not my grown up kids! I need to get it done!! Thanks for sharing the pups and daughter photos! Cute!

  3. Hi Erin! Thank your for stopping by and leaving a comment at I had so many visitors today and all the lovely comments made my day! I so envy you right now. I haven't even started my Christmas shopping. Although I do have a few handmade gifts finished that just need wrapping. I will be busy busy shopping this weekend. I really enjoyed browsing your sight. Lots of lovely photos! Looks like it will be a very merry Christmas at you house!

  4. Your tree looks great!!! I've never tried toe socks, I think they'd feel weird somehow. It looks like your daughter had fun...

  5. You really know how to make one laugh!!

  6. The toe socks looks real cosy and warm. Fun pic of your daughter