Monday, December 13, 2010

Trying to stay warm.

Hello friends. I hope you all are staying warm. It is really, super, dooper cold here, 13 degrees as I type with wind chills around 0.

Today we had tons of fun. We warmed up the Kia since is is 4 wheel drive and took the kids sledding.

 Here is all four of the kiddos coming down the hill at me. Some crashed, some made it all the way down. All were smiling, screaming, and laughing.

 My oldest daughter Hope and my hubby had a race down the hill. My hubby just got in front of her.

 And here, my hubby won with a crash on the end. He laughed so hard he couldn't get up for a moment.

Here is my sweet little Tinkerbell. She just doesn't understand why I make her go outside to potty when there are so many warm places in the house to do so. It is a battle all day long.

 This one was taken last night as the snow was falling. Here is my husband trying to catch snowflakes in his mouth. It is so big I'm sure he caught a few.

 Me posing as my hubby took the picture. Not a very good one of me but it will do.

 The snow came down hard and heavy and the wind whipped it around. Here is one without the flash on. You can see the snow streaming down in the street light.

Here are the lovely snowflakes in the flash. I love this picture. Seems magical to me.

 This is how I am warming up from all of this fun in the snow. French Vanilla Coffee. My secret indulgence.

Some wonderful chocolates, my list of crochet items I want to make, a scarf in the works for my youngest son, and a warm, soft blanket to snuggle under.

Thank you all for all of your comments. I love reading all of them! Keep warm friends. Be Blessed.


  1. Hi Erin, I love your snow pictures! Sure is perfect to have snow during the holidays, isn't it? Hugs, Teresa

  2. I'm enjoying your snow pictures from the warmth of the desert. Makes me feel a bit guilty enjoying record highs in the 80's.

    Your kids and husband look like they're having a grand time.

    I have sunny pictures posted if you want to stop by and warm up a bit.

  3. Looks like a lot of fun you all had in the snow. How wonderful you now have a heater to come home to.

  4. The captured snowflakes photo is fab!!!

  5. Wow what a fabulous time in the snow, we are expected to have more over here in the next 24 hours! Keep warm and cosy xox