Saturday, June 15, 2013

Summer '13 So far.

Hello again friends. 
I know I am a slacker when it comes to blogging. I really want to make it a regular thing but I get writer's block so bad! I have a running list of blog posts I would love to do but you know I can never get the words to come out the way I want. I really would love this blog to be a real representation of me...I guess at this point as lazy as I am being with it...represents me.

Basically, I have been trying to occupy my kiddos, keep my house clean, and perk myself up.

I have tons of pics to show some of the things we have been doing so lets get right into it.

Bike Riding:
We have been riding bikes around town. We have a favorite spot off the bike trail.

I absolutely love this picture. So calming and serene.

My boys are trying to catch tadpoles.

Hope came up with this picture and pose. I just love all the green from the leaves and moss on the trees.

Looking at minnows and tadpoles.

I think tadpoles are the neatest things ever! We didn't bring any home to watch grow but it was fun trying to catch them.

They were devising a plan to catch them all.

Faith just couldn't grab one.

Random pics around the creek.

This rock looks like a shark head.

Eeek...snake skin

Memorial Day.
We met the hubby at work and ate lunch in the park.
I love the pond with all the ducks.

I love his mohawk.

Look at those babies...too stinking cute.

After eating lunch we took hubby back to work. Lowe's had cornhole games and a bounce house set up for people to play. They also had hot dogs for customers.

Sj was having a hard time climbing up the bounce house with his socks on.

I have been waiting all spring for the strawberry fields to ripen. I have always wanted to take the kids to pick strawberries. We went to Barrett's Farm in Leesburg.

The farm was so well kept. They had 3 varieties of strawberries. Everyone was so friendly.

We picked over 20 lbs of strawberries. We only had to pay $22.00.

I ended up freezing 5 quarts of hulled whole strawberries.
I gave a huge bowl away 
I made Old Fashioned Strawberry Jam 
Isn't that a beautiful color.

Old Fashioned Jam
8 cups of hulled and crushed strawberries
6 cups of sugar. 
Boil mixture until it reaches gel stage (220 degrees F on a candy thermometer).
Put in prepared jars and process in a water bath canner for 10 minutes.

Easy peasy...and beautiful.
I just love the deep color the jam turned.

So that is mostly what we have done so far.
We still want to take the kiddos to the Columbus Zoo and Zoombezi Bay. We want that to be a few day trip. We would like to go up to Columbus and get a room..Visit Zoombezi Bay water park one day and then walk the zoo the next and come home.

We want to go back to Newport, Kentucky to Newport on the Levee and to the Newport Aquarium.

We would love to take the kids to Kings Island BUT it is so expensive and I am still apprehensive about taking them to a place that big! So we may be taking them to the Coney Island.

We also want to go camping and find more free things to do.

Here's to a busy summer and Hopefully more blog posts coming soon.
Be Blessed,

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