Thursday, June 20, 2013

Cabbages and Oranges and Bananas...Oh my

Hello friends. 
I hope all of you are having a great day/evening.
Today was a pretty interesting day for us.
You see, our local community action gives free lunches to school aged kids on weekdays and on Fridays they send "weekend packs" of foods home with the kids that show up to these free lunches.

My kids take advantage of these lunches. They enjoy it because they get a break from mom and they get to see their friends. I like it because I know they will be getting a nutritional lunch every day.

Well, today, like every normal weekday I sent my kiddos to the school (a block away) for lunch.
When it was time for them to come home I received a phone call asking if I could pick them up because they  had extras they were bringing home.

Well, the community action was giving each child several bags of produce to take home.
Between the four of my children, we ended up with 16 bags of produce.

Wanna see?

 That is a lot of produce huh?

We ended up with:
7 cucumbers
3 watermelons
8 heads of cabbage
45 Valencia oranges
12 bunches of bananas

I was left with "what in the world do I do with all of this"

So I shucked and blanched all the ears of corn.

After they cooled I wrapped each ear of corn in waxed paper and placed in freezer bags for later use.

I also placed 20 bananas,peel on, in freezer bags to freeze for use in breads, ice cream, and smoothies.

I gave my next door neighbor: 
20 oranges
4 bunches of bananas
2 heads of cabbage
1 watermelon

I took my mom:
10 oranges
2 bunches of bananas 
2 cabbages
1 pack of corn for freezing.

I kept the rest.
We have 2 watermelons chilling in our fridge, 3 bunches of bananas in a basket and 15 oranges in a bowl in the kitchen for the kiddos to munch on at their leisure!

Along the same topic lines, my garden is doing really good! We have picked kale and spinach for use in our juicer. 
I also made Kale chips.

I have baby tomatoes and baby cucumbers on my plants. I have picked a few pods of peas and I have used some of my herbs. I cannot wait to make some salsa and some pickles. 

That's gonna be all for tonight. 
Be Blessed

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