Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I'm in Shape, Round is a Shape

Hello again friends.
Let me tell ya something....IT'S HOT!
Ok so it probably isn't as hot as it could be but it is a very muggy, sticky, humid 90 degrees here today.
We have the air conditioners on and they are working hard!!

I've been working pretty hard too.
You see, around a month ago as I was having a chat with God, I told Him I wanted to get in shape.
I have a dream of running in a 5k and working my way up to marathons.
My problem is that I don't have anyone but me to keep me accountable.
I'm not very good at disciplining myself in that way so I told God I would love to have some like minded friends who could help hold me accountable and make my journey enjoyable.

Boy did my prayers get answered!!
I was asked 2 Sundays ago at church by my friend Rhonda if I wanted to start walking with her and a friend of hers. She said they walk 3 evenings a week. They are training to "do" a half marathon!!

I was blown away!! 
I mean, this is a direct answer to a prayer!

So now, every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday evening the kiddos and I lace up our sneakers and head to the school track. (if it is in use by school sports we walk around town)

We do 16 laps on the track which equals 4 miles.
Sometimes we jog the straight parts of the track, sometimes we just walk fast.
We sweat and chat all the time.

Now the coolest thing is that our little group is really growing.
Last night we were joined by two other people who go to our church. Both are avid runners.
One of them has even ran the Boston Marathon!!
How's that for answered prayers?!?

So, on top of walking, I am trying to keep up with doing yoga.
(Honestly, I am failing miserably)
I am trying to eat better. Smaller portions and better quality of foods.
(Most of the time I do pretty good)

I'm just taking care of myself.

Now, I don't know if I will be walking the half marathon in August.
I really would like to either run or walk the 5k at the Flying Pig next year.
I would love to do some local walks and runs for charities.

We are even talking about hosting a 5k to try to earn money for Karen's Kids...
Its a program at our church that raises money and accepts donations throughout the year to buy Christmas gifts for needy kids in our and the surrounding towns.

I hope this takes all of us where we would like to be..
It's getting me off the couch!!!
I'm happy about that!

Be Blessed,

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  1. Good for you!!!! If you think you could make the trip there are 5k's going on ALL the time up in Columbus. I'm sure Cincy has a lot too. There are a few I run with my parents almost yearly.