Friday, June 21, 2013

Check Your Facts

My friends, I am really annoyed at the moment.
I get really annoyed with ignorance and stupidity.
Some people can't see past the nose on their faces when it comes to matters!
Hey maybe I'm one of them BUT I must vent here.

As you all know, and if you don't you will soon :), I am a Christian.  I have a very strong, a very firm belief in God, His son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. 

Now, I am not a pushy Christian. I will mention my faith and what I believe but if the person I talk to isn't interested, I will not force my beliefs on them. I believe "to each his own".

Now I do minister to people. I do spread the word of God. But I don't expect people to believe as I do.

It takes all kinds to make this wonderful world go really does.

I am a very accepting person. I accept everyone as they are. I do my best not to judge people.
My Bible tells me not too. 
"Judge not lest you be judged in the same manner"

Now to what has my panties in a bunch.

I have all kinds of friends on Facebook. Most are people I knew from school and family.
Some are new friends, some church friends, others are friends I haven't even met but we share many of the same past times like crocheting. Not all of my friends are Christians. I accept that.

Well, some of my friends are Atheists. They will post Atheist materials on Facebook.
Most I can overlook but there is some that just doesn't have their facts straight.

The one I am talking about in particular is a person talking to God asking Him why He hates Gays. 
God replies that He doesn't hate gays and goes on to say that He (God) has to clear his name because He didn't write the Bible.

Well, This one got to me. I didn't comment because this is this person's beliefs.
This thing just isn't true.

For one, NO God Himself didn't write the Bible.
The people who wrote the books of the Bible were inspired to do so.
By God Himself
Most of the Bible is an account of history.
It is one of the Greatest stories.
Full of love, wars, miracles.
It is a book of hope.
The words in that book get me through every day of my life.

Secondly, the Bible doesn't say that God HATES gay people.
It says it is a sin, an abomination.
This was in the old testament when the ground rules were set.

As a matter of fact, the Bible, Jesus says the greatest of the commandments is to love one another.
He doesn't say to love only straight people, white people,  rich people, only people who do things for you.
It says to love EVERYONE!

Now I know that I may get some grief over what I have posted here and you know what...that is okay.
Everyone has a system of beliefs.
Not everyone believes the same things.

I read my Bible. I believe it. I don't believe extras man may put in. I believe my Bible.
I love everyone. I even love those who have wronged me. I pray for them. I may not like them too much but I love them. 

Now just one more thing.

I don't understand Atheists! I honestly and truly don't.

You see, their beliefs are that there is not a higher power. There isn't a God.
Well, how can a person be against something if it doesn't exist. Why call yourself an atheist and say you are against God if in your eyes, He doesn't exist. 
A person would have to believe that He exists in some form in order to be against Him.

I dunno. It confuses me.

Okay, my rantings are over.

I hope you all are having a great day/evening.
I had a blast today and there should be a blog post pretty soon with some pics.

I love each of you who happen to read this post/blog.

Be Blessed, 


  1. I have to say that the bible is not an account of history ,lots of things in the bible never happened ,this has been proven.
    Atheists aren`t against God they don`t believe in God,they just argue against the claims people make about God.If you don`t believe the extras that man put in the bible why do you believe the parts that you do like,that`s cherry picking. The bible is full of love but it is also full of hate. Finally atheism is not a belief system,its not even a belief,its a conclusion.Its a conclusion one comes to having examined all the available evidence and life experience.
    Rant over and best wishes to you.

    1. As I stated in my post, Everyone is entitled to their opinion. However, I am well studied on various religious, anti-religion, and cults all over the world. I have studied these things in college and on my own. I am a Christian. I have also done research on the Bible to see if it is historically correct and guess what, the majority of it is. As, far as me "cherry picking". I stated I believe in the Bible and the words in it. If a preacher adds his or her opinion to those words or adds stuff that isn't in the Bible, I do not believe in that. Maybe I didn't make that clear in the post.
      But, like I stated, everyone is entitled to his or her beliefs and his or her opinions.
      God Bless You

  2. "Fret not thyself"... It might be interesting for some of the critics to read some of the books written by individuals who set out to disprove the authenticity of the Bible, or disprove the resurrection of Christ, or even the existence of God. I suggest taking a look at the works of Josh McDowell, Lee Strobel, C.S. Lewis, and others. One does not have to park one's intellect at the door to believe in God, the Bible, or Jesus Christ. There are ample reasons to believe in all three, for those who are willing to investigate. You might want to check out Ravi Zacharias's site: I wish you success in your personal search for truth.