Friday, December 14, 2012


It's late for me to be blogging.

Usually I am snuggling in at this time with a book or just with my pillow.

Today was a nice day for me. After getting my kiddos off to school I had tons of errands to do.
Paid some bills via interweb.
I got myself together and headed out about 9 am.
Put gas in my van.
Went to Walmart to purchase some necessities for my family
(and some wanties for me)
Drove to visit my hubby at work and possibly have lunch with him.
(he couldn't due to meetings)
Went to Dollar Tree for some stocking candies for the kiddos.
Went to other dollar stores to look around.
Paid our van payment.
Went to McD's to get some lunch.
Came home and carried all my purchases inside.
Washed my hands and turned on the tv.
Was horrified by what I was seeing.
Some guy shot 20 kids and 6 adults at and elementary school in Connecticut.
He also shot his mom at their home.
He shot himself.
Why kids.
Not just kids but small kids.
Kindergarteners through fourth graders.

I couldn't believe it!

I cried and prayed for these families.

I ask you all to do the same.
Even if you aren't the praying kind...Please, pray.



  1. Erin words fail as times like these. We had a similar tragedy in the UK (Scotland). It makes your heart break for the families and it makes you never take for granted 'the ordinary' in our daily family lives. *prayers* xxx

  2. Its so awful. One cant even imagine how these families are feeling.

    We watched your president on TV last night, it was obvious that he was extemely moved by this dreadful tragedy, as all parents all over the world, me included, are.

    My prayers are certainly with them.


  3. Hi Mrs. Erin.. I feel the same way. I think the whole world is sad and depressed right now.. wish he'd just killed himself first. T