Sunday, December 9, 2012

Breathtaking sky

Hello again!

I wanted to show you all a very beautiful sunset I caught last week.

My hubby had arrived home from work. He had bought 2 enormous packs of bottled water
so when I went to meet him at the door to help him carry the water in
I saw this.

I ran upstairs to get a shot out of one of the upper windows.

My hubby took this picture of my son trying to carry in one of the packages of bottled water.

From the upstairs window, I caught my hubby and youngest little guy playing around.
Aren't they cute.

My hubby also snapped this pic of me standing on the porch, in the light of the sunset, smiling at my son trying to carry the big package of water.
I really don't like my picture taken at all.

This sunset had me in awe. I sat and watched the sky turn so many different shades of purple, orange, red, pinks, blues, and ultimately the sky went dark and the stars started twinkling.

I counted my blessings. God has been so good to my family.

A few days after this sunset I was checking out my Stylecraft yarn I had purchased a while ago and I realized the colors were colors of a sunset. So I put the yarn colors in the order in which I wanted to use them. I have decided I will just crochet with each color until it runs out and then attach the next color no matter where the end is. It will be my take on the progression of a sunset. 

I am making this blanket using straight double crochets. Nothing too fancy.
However, I am enjoying it thoroughly.

Oh and I am happy to report that we are all still doing well.
That nasty virus had decided to stay away!
Praise God!

Well that is all. Short and sweet!
Be Blessed

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