Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Yay A New Smile!

Hello again my friends! I am happy to announce I DID make it to the dentist today and I DID get my new smile. Boy let me tell you...it took a long time to get there . Here is a picture to show you some of what I was up against ( I dunno why it is sideways..I couldn't get it fixed..sorry)
 Ok so sideways as I said. At this point it had only been snowing for 30 minutes. Yes I was up against a snow storm. The roads were horrible. It took forever to get there and I was in a 4wd car. The going was definately s l o w. People were slipping and sliding everywhere. It was horrible.

Good news is I did make it to the dentist and back in one piece. They took me straight back and put my teeth in my mouth first thing. The bite was off bad. Luckily they are able to trim and cut and stuff at the office and well got it perty right. Do you wanna see???

 Another stupid sideways picture but this one gives you an idea. This was taken as soon as I walked into my house. ( See the dog toys in the floor behind me..) They are nice and white and straight. I love them. I still think they look weird because even when I had my own teeth, they weren't straight. But I am happy. You want another pic?
Relaxing with my Tinkerbell (the black spot in front of me). I am glad the journey is mostly over. I have to go back tomorrow morning at 10am so they can fix any sore spots that may develop. I have a few concerns but nothing major. I am sure that after tomorrow I will be set to enjoy my new smile.

Now let me tell you...eating is not very fun... It is very different from your natural teeth. I feel like a baby trying to eat again. Most people I have spoken to tell me it took them a few days to a few months to learn to eat again. I can't wait until the teeth and I become one and I am able to eat without even thinking. It is going to be a glorious day.

I want to sincerely thank you all for encouraging me through this journey. Your support and a special website found here has really helped me through all this. So Thank you, Thank you, thank you from the very bottom of my heart. I love you all!

That is all for today! Be blessed everyone!


  1. Well, the best thing is that you're happy!
    Great new smile!

  2. Love the smile! Also I love your new format on your blog, nice and fresh and bright. Looks like 2011 is going to be a great year for you! :-)


  3. Hi Erin, I gave you an award! Check it out at my blog! Congratulations!

  4. Hi Erin, you look so happy and relieved, I am so thrilled for you. Now you can enjoy your life feeling and looking pretty. xo Robin (but I think you were already pretty inside)

  5. Hi Erin, great smile! You look very happy! ♥

  6. A beautiful smile Erin, you look lovely