Saturday, January 22, 2011

Baby it's freezing cold outside.

Ouch it is freezing cold here in Ohio. This morning when my darling hubby left for work it was -6 outside. Yes MINUS SIX! Now it is only 12 degrees. We are having a rare sunny day. A deceptively sunny day. You would think it is warm but your nose freezes within minutes of going outside. My poor furnace is running non-stop trying to keep our humble home warm. I hope the temps warm up soon.

We did get the snow they were calling for. The kiddos got out of school early. Their school was closed on Friday because the super cold temps has made the slush on the road turn to ice. Even my 4x4 has a hard time on it.

 Here is a picture I took during the storm on Thursday. At some points the snow was coming down 1.5 inches per hour. It was beautiful to look at but was hard to go out in. It blew around alot and as I was shoveling my sidewalk the snow kept going up my nose and in my eyes. lol

 Even my puppies didn't want to be in the snow. Here is a good action pic of my precious Tinkerbell. I had to take her out because she HAD to go....She was running to go back in the house. She wanted no part of the cold and blowing snow.
 Of course I just had to measure how much we got. A meager 4 inches is all. It sure seems like a lot more when you are trying to drive in it and keep the sidewalks clear. The bad thing about it all is that we are supposed to get some more flurries tonight and we have yet another winter storm on its way. The weatherman is showing snow on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. They said we can get even more snow than we just got. I guess we will see.

 After going outside to potty this is where you can find my beautiful puppies. Laying in the doggy bed in front of the fireplace chewing on their bones. They are so cute together like this.

 Also, as I promised, a better pic of the red hair. I took this one yesterday. Please forgive me for not having makeup on. I look so pale and colorless. Kind of gross if you ask me but you have to show the real you sometimes. So this is the real

Finally I have a pic of our newest addition. I am pretty sure I posted about this little gal when we rabbit-sat it for a friend of ours. Well we took Salem back to her owner and Salem seemed to be kind of sad. Her owner works alot and decided she didn't have enough time to spend with Salem so she asked if we would like to keep her. Of course we just fell in love with her when she was here with us so we said, yes of course we will take her and she is here. She is the sweetest thing and loves to snuggle up to the puppies.

That is all for now my friends. I have to get some things done today. Oh and I get to go yarn shopping when my hubby gets home from work. I can finally get the yarn I need to finish up my first granny stripe and to start on my youngest son's blanket. I am very excited to get it.

I hope you all are doing well. Until we meet again. Be Blessed.


  1. BBRRR! You can keep that cold weather in Ohio!! It's cold here today but not that cold! Red hair looks good on you! Stay warm!

  2. Oh my goodness, I get freaked out if we get 2 inches of snow! It looks sooooooooo cold but then warm and snug inside with all your beautiful animals. I love Salem too cute xox I'm thinking of dying my hair auburn to brighten up the grey days so I am impressed ith your choice of colour, looks lovely xox

  3. Hi Erin, great post today! It's sunny and 45 degrees here in Oregon.. neener neener.. ::ducking:: So, your bunny actually gets along with the dogs and they don't chase her? Love your hair, when I went through my midlife crisis turning 50 I dyed my hair dark red/purple.. it was pretty funny. I didn't like having to keep up with the dying so I went back to what it is.. "sterling silver" hair. :-)

    Hugs, Teresa

  4. Hi Erin. So happy to see you at Tangled Happy today! Lots of snow here as well. It was a little warmer today and the snow was packing perfectly. So we put on all our snow gear and ventured out to the front yard and made a whole snow family. They are quite adorable! I think I will have to post some pictures of them next week. Stay warm! :)

  5. OOOO Can't wait to see yarn I love yarn posts. What terrible weather, hate the cold when it is that bad. What a cute bunny too :)

  6. A lovely new addition to your family. The pic of you is beautiful