Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

Hello everyone. I hope you all had a save and happy New Year's Eve. We had a perty good time here at the Adkins house. We woke up yesterday morning and took the kids to Petland. They had asked us to go so we happily obliged. We looked at the birds, hampsters, spiders, well all of the creatures they had. My oldest daughter fell in love with one of the ferrets there. She begged for one but alas we didn't have the money. The ferret was $200. The cage it needed was $200. Then there is the smell good stuff, bedding, food, well..I don't have $600 dollars or so to spend on a ferret.

 I did find a creature I thought was funny. The above picture is sideways and isn't very good because I took it with my cell but these crazy lizards were sleeping and eating until we walked up. We watched them and they watched us. The one closest just stared at us right out the glass. The one behind stared at us as well. I started to feel like they do. Almost like we were the animals and they were the audience.

After getting the doggy nail clippers we needed, we headed across the street to Wal-mart to pick up all the things we needed to celebrate the new year. We bought pizzas, quesadillas, chicken wings, chicken fingers, fruit, sparkling grape juice. Well I guess you get the picture. We always put together a little buffet for things like this.

 As I was getting the food prepared, my wonderful hubby was getting our firepit going. I love that firepit. I also loved that yesterday it was nearly 60 degrees here. We sat by the fire with our kiddos and a neighbor and his daughter came to sit with us. There is just something about watching and listening to a fire.

I just absolutely love this picture. The embers look pink! It kind of reminds me of lava.  It was so peaceful by that fire.

Then as it got closer to midnight, my hubby, the kiddos, and I came inside and watched Dick Clark's Rockin New Years Eve. When we had 5 minutes until Midnight I poured each of us a glass of sparkling grape juice and prepared to count down until 2011.

Once the new year had arrived we all raised our glasses in a toast and my hubby and I shared a kiss (as is tradition). Then one by one, the kiddos went to bed. My hubby and I did the same. It was a long day and each of us fell to sleep quickly.

We all slept in this morning. (I was super happy about it too!) We watched the Rose parade and ate our lunch. Later we will be having a nice dinner.

I hope you all have a nice New Year. May your 2011 be 10 times better than your 2010.

Until next time, Be blessed.


  1. Hi Erin, sounds like your family had a wonderful New Years celebration. I've always wanted a firepit too. You're lucky to have such nice weather there, it's 25 degrees here and the wind is blowing 30-40 mph wind so it's pretty miserable outside here. We just had a quiet NY and watched the same show you did. :-)

    Here's to a full year of friendship in 2011!! :-)


  2. A lovely way to spend New Years Eve, i hope you all have a wonderful 2011 and all your dreams come true