Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Survived the storm

Looks ominous doesn't it? For a week now the local weather man had been talking about some strong storms that could come through today. The storms could be severe, with strong winds, hail, possible tornados, and heavy rain. The storm was a double edged sword for us because on one hand it could be severe but on the other hand we NEED the rain. We are in a drought. The drought was so bad wildfires were popping up, we were not allowed to use our grills for fear of a fire breaking out.

To prepare for this storm I went to the grocery store to make sure I had all I needed to keep us hydrated and fed just in case the weather cause lots of problems. Once I got home, I rounded up all the candles and the weather radio and waited.

The dark clouds rolled in (the pic above)

The wind picked up significantly. The leaves were streaking across the roads, the trees were blowing over, the flags were whipping about.

The wind blew some branches off the trees as well. Here is one of many. This one landed on my old beat up Kia.

When the rain came, it came fast and hard. The wind was howling at this point.

Another good picture. This was taken about 2pm. The rain and wind gusts were heavy and hard. The wind blew things off my porch, out of my neighbors yard and for some caused severe damage. My kids came home talking about the "tornado drill" they had had in school. In all actuallity this was not a drill. We were under tornado warnings. The most severe part of it went to the north of us.
I am thankful to have survived this weather. I do love storms but this was an odd severe storm. I didn't see one lightening strike or hear one bit of thunder. It was just winds (some gusts up to 60-70 mph). Now the rain is light, there is a brisk breeze and the temperatures have dropped by 20 or so degrees. Great hooky weather!!!
Until next time friends, Be Blessed.


  1. Wow Erin that was quite the storm. I do love a rain storm too, but maybe not tornado degree!! Happy you weathered it! Blessings to you, Robin

  2. Wooooh an amazing storm! Glad you survived it. x

  3. Hi Erin, I'm glad you all got through that storm safely! It's been stormy where we are at the beach too, and we even had lightning and thunder! :-)

  4. Hey. I'm glad everything was ok in the end. Great pics btw. xx

  5. Sounds awful to me, i hate storms, glad you are all ok.