Monday, October 11, 2010

The Little Things

There are little things in my life that make me smile no matter what. Of course my husband and my children. Our 2 little doggies, the neighbor's cat that adopted us and the things I'm going to show y0u. First is this beautiful African Violet. I got two one day while visiting my husband at his job. A pink one which didn't survive and this purple one. It sits on my kitchen table in the sunshine and blooms itself silly.

Next is this aloe plant. My hubby and son are both red-headed and tend to sunburn easily. I decided to buy an aloe plant to help them recover if they did get sunburned. This poor plant was discounted and on the verge of death. Now it has outgrown its pot and is taking over this corner of my kitchen counter

I love keeping all sorts of fresh fruits and vegetables around. Here is another area of my counter top..This basket rarely sees an empty day. My kids love to eat apples and bananas. So I keep plenty on hand for snacks.

Outside, this time of year, the trees around my neighborhood look amazing. I love to look out my windows and see the beautiful orange, red, yellow leaves. The best part is that my little town is surrounded by tree covered hills. I love to take drives and look at the vibrant show of fall.

There is a story behind my next picture. These hens and chicks have been passed down through my family. Some were my grandmas. Then they were my moms. Now some of the origionals are mine. Also, some of these came from our last house. They were in these huge pots unattended. They looked horrible. I would go out and spread them out and weed them. By the time we moved, the pots were overflowing. The owners of the home couldn't believe the difference. Since I tended to them, I brought some to my new home.

Walking through my yard I spotted these little red berries. They are such beautiful red I couldn't resist taking a picture.

An ornamental strawberry flower. My yard is covered with these little strawberry plants. The strawberries that form can be eaten only they do not have a taste. They look pretty with their little yellow flowers............

......little red strawberries.

The next is a little indulgence for myself..Other than yarn and crochet hooks. I had had my nose pierced once before and had to remove it for awhile and just couldn't get it to go back through. Luckily, over the weekend my husband and I stopped in at a nice little tattoo and piercing shop and they helped me! I am happy to have it back.

Last but not husband loves tattoos. He had 4 and wanted another but held off for about 8 years. This year his brother sent him some birthday money and he was able to get the tattoo he wanted which would represent our two girls. It is an ambigram if you look at it this way it says Hope..which is our oldest daughter's name........

And if you look at it from the opposite way, the tattoo reads Faith, which is our other daughter's name.

Well my lovely readers, that is all of my little things for today. I plan on attending the Fall Festival of Leaves this weekend. It is located in a little neighboring town called Bainbridge. It is a festival full of arts and craft type exhibits. I am hoping to see wonderful crochet, knit, and quilted goodies. However, I am supposed to have more dental surgery this Wednesday so I may not feel up to going. But, if I do go, I will take plenty of pictures.

Be blessed.


  1. Lovely pictures. Thanks for sharing. I used to have my nose pierced when I was 16!! Long time ago. It has well and truly healed up now. x

  2. Your pictures made me smile too. Strawberries grow wild in my Mom's yard back in NY. I do miss Fall from back home.

    My granddaughter's name is Faith.

  3. Nice pics Erin. I never knew that those little succulents were called 'hens and chicks' we have some in pots in our garden too.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog to leave a comment, it was nice to come and read yours, i'll be back!

  4. I love your pics. That tattoo is so