Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Getting healthy: Week 10

Hello again my friends.

I just realized that I haven't been updating all of you on how I've been doing on my new lifestyle. SHAME ON ME!

Well I have to say it is going pretty good!

I am currently in the middle of week 11. I will weigh in again on Friday.

So let me see.

I have been doing pretty good. I am keeping my calories pretty much in check. Usually I stay right around 1200-1300 a day but sometimes if I feel I need more like around that time of the month and when I have a cold (like last week) I will take my caloric intake up to 1500 calories per day.

As far as exercising..well I started planning my workouts in advance the weekend before last and it has helped me be more consistent with my workouts.

I also started doing Fitnessblender workouts on YouTube. If you are trying to lose weight and you want some great workouts then look them up. 

I know I haven't updated in a few weeks and I honestly couldn't tell you what happened but I know I was losing a pound or so then gained a pound and a half. Then last weigh in I had lost 3 pounds putting me at 154 pounds. So that means that I have lost a total of 9 pounds since January 1st and a total of 14 pounds since November.  

As I stated earlier I had a horrible head cold starting last Wednesday. I literally couldn't breathe!!
However, I did manage a couple workouts while I was sick.  I honestly don't know how I lost 3 whole pounds but I imagine it was the mixture of Zumba and the fitness blender workouts I did.

This week I have my workout schedule as follows: 
Monday-FitnessBlender- arms/cardio
Tuesday-Walk or Zumba
Wednesday- Fitness Blender Legs
Thursday- walk or Zumba
Friday- Fitness Blender Core
Saturday- Walk or Zumba or Yoga
Sunday- Rest and cheat day.

As far as eating: I kind of have it down to a science at this point.
For breakfast I will have a couple eggs with a little shredded cheese and salsa plus a cup of coffee with French vanilla international delight creamer.

Lunch I will have anything really. Usually it's a tuna on a whole wheat sandwich round or a salad. 
But sometimes I will have a few potato and cheddar perogies ore a couple of chicken and cabbage egg rolls.

Dinner will be whatever I fix for the family. However, if there is something particularly unhealthy (like 400 calorie per half cup serving of Mac n cheese) I will substitute it with a salad.

I also try to make sure I have a snack or two between meals if I am going to go longer than a few hours without eating. I will have some hummus and blue corn chips or some veggies and hummus, guacamole, fruit, muscle milk. 

I dunno. I just have a simple approach to eating. I know how many calories I  need to consume daily (at least 1200) I eat what I want to eat (I'll have a small piece of cake if I want it) and just make sure I exercise!

Also, Sunday is my rest day and my cheat day. I eat whatever I would like (in moderation) and I try not to go too crazy. I try to stay below 1500 calories that day.

So there you have it. Today's workout was a walk/run. I did 3.41 miles in 58 minutes and 22 seconds. I burned 290 calories. I'm happy with that!

Ok my friends, it's gorgeous outside today so I'm gonna go out and enjoy it before dinner.
Until we meet again,
Be Blessed,

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