Monday, March 10, 2014

Let's Play Catch-up

My friends, I wish to send special thank you's to each one of you who read every post I put up.
I know I am very inconsistent with my blogging and I am truly sorry. 
I do have a valid excuse though. In order for me to blog properly I have to do it on a computer. The only computer available to me right now is my hubby's laptop. Now he takes online classes so I don't really like messing with it. I can post from my phone BUT I can only add one picture to the post and I just have so much more to share. So today I'm hijacking my hubby's laptop and updating you all on some things going on around Misadventure land.

 First up is the crazy weather. This has been the coldest and snowiest winter since I have lived in Ohio. For most of the winter the ground has been white and icy. Here are a few pictures. These pictures are after a bit of a thaw and I'm happy to report that the past several days have been lovely and we can finally see grass!

Isn't all that crazy! We could walk on the ice in the creek because it was so thick!

Secondly, I have been really lazy. If I was brave I would show you a picture of my bedroom. It is the one room in the house that doesn't get a regular cleaning. Usually I just throw stuff in there when I am cleaning and by the end of the day I am too tired to pick it all up! The rest of my house looks pretty good buy my bedroom mess really annoys me but I still don't clean it.

The laziness has extended to my couponing too. I got behind a few weeks ago because I just didn't have time to sit down and clip my coupons. So now I am several weeks behind. I do still use my coupons to snag great deals only I have to search through the inserts to find the coupons I need.

Both of these things I will be tackling this week. I find I just cannot cope and be productive when I have unfinished things. I dunno if it is a mental thing or what but I just cannot do it.

My hubby was on vacation last week and we spent a lot of time traveling around. So my diet suffered significantly. It is really hard to find decent foods to eat while out. So last week my diet was on a vacation as well. I didn't over eat but I did eat a lot of fast food. My weight on the scale showed it too because I gained 1.5 lbs. However, I am back on my normal routine as of today and hope to lose at least 2 pounds this week.

My hubby has had some exciting things happen on the work front. He applied for a job closer to home but with the same company in January. They called him and he interviewed and was offered the job. So this new job offered daytime hours, evenings and weekends off, but he would have to take a $1 paycut. He was going to take it! He would be home every evening, he would be able to go to church every Sunday and it was only 15 minutes from home. However, his boss came to him and asked him what he needed to stay at his current job and my hubby laid out his conditions. He got everything he wanted! Including a nearly $2 raise. So he will not be changing jobs afterall and he will be moving up in the company this year!

My daughter Faith's birthday was this past Friday. She turned 13 years old. We had her a sleep over party. She invited 3 of her friends. The next day we went to Chiller in Dublin and took all the kids including our boys ice skating. It was a first time for all of us and we had a blast. Here are some pictures.

Let me tell you, if that ice rink wasn't so far away I would go every day! I loved ice skating!

Finally, I would like to tell you about my garden. Right now I don't have a garden at all. We tore all of my garden beds up and I am in the process of spreading out all of the dirt mounds from my beds. We will be making all new beds this month. We are going to use concrete block for each bed and fill them with the mix of soil in the All New Square Foot Garden book. 

I just cannot wait to get my new beds put in and filled. We plan on using rock around my beds so we don't have to get the mower in that area. I am chomping at the bit to get some veggies growing. I miss my garden so much in the winter.

Well I think that pretty much catches you all up. I hope to begin blogging regularly. It may just be words without pictures but there is so much going on I want to share with all of you.

Until next time friends,
Be Blessed, 

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  1. Your kids are just too precious!!

    There's something in the air with diet. I've been eating TERRIBLY the last month and I've put on some weight too. I just keep telling myself the warmer it gets, the more active I'll get!!