Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Unexpected Visitor

Yesterday we had an unexpected visitor here in the Adkins house! My dad who lives about 45mins to an hour away gave me a ring on the telephone yesterday around noon asking if I was going to be home later that afternoon because he wanted to come by and bring some things he had for the kiddos. Of course, whenever one of my parents wants to visit I would drop all the unimportant things I had planned to spend time with them since their visits are few and far between BUT yesterday I was just lounging around with my hubby on his day off.

Hmm..I think I should give a little bit of background of my dad. We don't really get to see him much because he is always off doing something. He does work at on of the prisons in Chillicothe so that takes up the majority of his time. On his days off he likes to do things with my brother Joe (who is between kiddo #2 and kiddo #3's ages) He also spends time with his girlfriend so his busyness makes it really hard to catch up with him and spend time with him.

After I got off the phone with my dad I realized that it was Tuesday and he usually works on Tuesdays but then it dawned on me that IT WAS HIS BIRTHDAY!

Of course, I couldn't let this visit just be a visit, I had to make it special. So I made him a birthday cake, made sure he had cards from us and the kiddos, made sure he had ice cream, and made sure he had a wonderful dinner.

My dad turned 54 years old yesterday. He said his visit made his day a wonderful day. He played catch with his grand kids and even accidentally hit kiddo #4 in the nose with the baseball. He also let them show him our van and the garden beds, and just spent time goofing off with them.

I can remember my dad being silly with me just like he was yesterday. It filled my heart with joy to be able to provide a meal, cake,and ice cream for him. It warmed my soul to see him and the kiddos interact with each other.

His visit also made me realize some other things too. For one, the cake I made was just a plain old yellow cake with chocolate icing. It is my favorite cake. It is his too. 

I realized I get my goofiness from my dad (sadly I don't let it show too much) and my seriousness from my mom (she raised me so this seriousness about everything..never letting my hair down for anything comes from her). 

I also remembered just how much I love to have company over and how much I love to entertain. I have a humble home. We have the necessities and maybe a few of the things we just wanted. I honestly don't have much to offer anyone other than good conversation, a listening ear. I will feed anyone who comes along (I regularly feed the neighborhood kids during the summer). I guess what I am saying is that I don't have much but I am willing to share what I do have. I love having people over to chit chat and to cook for. I love making huge meals and set them out banquet style. Grilling out. Seeing kids play together. Sadly though, we rarely have visitors. My dad was the first since New Years.


On a different note. I have some bloggy updates coming soon. My garden is growing well and I have one tomato on one of my heirloom plants (yay) which I will save for seed. I also have one strawberry that is nearly red enough to eat. I have tons of snow peas ready for picking and eating and I am overwhelmed with leaf and iceberg lettuces and spinach (anyone want some?)

My crochet is coming along too. I have permission to go yarn shopping soon. My wonderful hubby wants me to make him and a buddy some golf club covers. I found a pattern online of the little groundhog (or whatever he was) from Caddy Shack. I also want to get the yarn to do a Flowers in the Snow blanket a la this blanket from the blog According to Matt. I just can't decide if I want the squares to be like this one or to look more like a flower. I have been adding a color here and there to my ripple blanket but have become bored with it so I have been making quick projects like dish cloths. I have also been making more granny squares with the Caron Simply Soft yarn I have. 

Oh and I have tons of pictures of the crazy kittens to show you. I just need to sit down and write up all these posts (after I recharge my camera battery).

Until I can get some of these posts going, I just want you all to know that I do visit your blogs regularly, even if I don't comment. I have been going through a lot of personal and spiritual changes lately and I can barely keep up. (That's another post on its own)

Many hugs and lots of love to you


  1. Hi Erin! That's great that you dad came ti visit! How far away from Washington Township are you? That's where my daughter lives. Wouldn't it be fun if I could visit you? Hugs, Teresa

  2. You certainly made some happy memories for yourself and the kiddos. Good for you, your kindness and open heart shows through and through. You are truly a very kind and thoughtful person and an excellent mom and wife.
    May your garden continue to flourish, xoRobin❤

  3. Happy memories for your and your family to hold dear in your heart forever, what a special visit, Happy Birthday wishes to your Dad.

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