Monday, May 14, 2012

In the past week.

 Isn't this a funny picture? Roxy just finished backing herself up to Tinkerbell to flick her hind legs at her. Roxy looks mighty proud of herself, doesn't she?

Last week was a nice week. We spent a lot of time outside as the temps were a little cooler. Faith (Daughter #2) asked me if she could use my camera and take some pictures while we were outside. She is quite the photographer!

 A wonderful picture of our fat cat Wickett.

 This monkey is from my shower curtain. I love looking at this silly, colorful shower curtain when I get myself together in the mornings.

 One of the flower pots that sits on my front porch.

 Bleeding heart flower.

 Gorgeous sky.

So what do you think? I think Faith did a wonderful job taking pictures!

As of today, the little kittens are 5 weeks old. They know how to climb out of their box. They love to play with mommy AND they just love chasing the dogs and boys around the house. Just a couple days ago they were introduced to kitty chow, watered down of course. I hate to say it but we have grown quite attached to the little ones but we must find them new homes as soon as they are weened.
 We have 4 kittens, 3 of them are boys. This one we call Sampson. He has a sister that looks just like him except she is a tad lighter in color. We call her Delilah.

 Here you can see the proud mommy nursing. This kitten we call Junior. He looks identical to his daddy, Wickett.

 Mommy is being super loving to her babies.

 Ahhh..see the kitten on top of her mommy? That is Delilah. 

 They are so cute.

Last Saturday was prom night here in our school district. Our school does a Parade of Gowns. Here are just a few pictures.

This weekend Rainsboro School (the school in town doesn't have 5th grade so the 5th graders are shuttled to one of the sister schools) had a Luau and Fish Fry. They had games and raffles. The kiddos had fun.

 Here you can see Sj handing the lady his ticket so he can do the 2ltr ring toss. Hope, in pink, and Faith, in the white and black dress, are right behind him.

 Here you can see Hope and Faith in front of the dunking booth. The lady was dunked and the water splashed them.

 Sj waiting in line for the ring toss again.

 Eddie, in all black, waiting in line for the bounce house.

 Two of the little prizes they received for doing the games.

 I'm not sure why Sj is making this face. 

 Sj playing with some of his prizes.

 Faith was nominated again to represent her class and compete for Queen of the Luau. 

 Faith all lined up waiting on her turn to walk to the stage.

 Faith with Roland. The boy her class chose to compete for king.

 Here are all of the contestants. The dark haired boy is Faith's cousin by marriage, Devon. The girl in plaid is Faith's best friend. The boy in the Hawaiian shirt is Faith's crush. 

The crowning.

 Queen Kaeli and King Ethan.

Here is Faith. Glad the crowning is over. She said she didn't really want to be nominated and she knew Kaeli would win since she had won last time.

Sending love and hugs.


  1. OMG KITTENS!!! You're killing me with those little faces!!!!

  2. Aww cute kittens, they are adorable.
    I love to read about life overseas, lovely pics, looks like a fun time was had by your children.
    Thanks for sharing what you've been up to.

  3. I bet your whole family is having fun with the kittens. Will you get the mom spayed after this batch? I know it will be hard to part with them.. loved hearing about all that you've been up to. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)