Monday, May 7, 2012

Busy busyness

My friends, as usual, I have been super busy!
We have been doing:
Gardening stuff
End of School Year Events
Yard Stuff
Family Days
Family Visits
Vacation Plannings
A little Crochet (when I have time)
House Duty stuff
Pet stuff
Exercise stuff
Shopping Stuff

The list just keeps going on and on.

My kiddos have had several school events these past couple of weeks. They have had tons of field trips to watch movies, to go to museums, to visit neighboring cities. They have had reward parties that include our school's swimming pool. They have even had walking field trips to a local park. I will be very happy when this school year is over (May 23) and we can relax and enjoy the warm weather.

I have been busy with making sure things are in line for the summer holidays. I have been scoping out places to take the kiddos. Mostly free or cheap places but some not so cheap. They desperately want to go to Kings Island Amusement Park BUT taking our family of 6 will be very expensive. We may opt for the more wallet friendly Coney Island instead. We also have plans for going to the Zoo and some water parks, going to see Tecumseh, and going to a Chillicothe Paints game. We want to  go camping and even venture out of our state for a weekend. We are also hoping to make a trip to Florida sometime during this summer.

I have also been doing all the normal mommy/wifey things. House keeping (ok I have slacked off a bit), grocery shopping, bill paying, errand running, running forgotten things to hubby and kiddos, helping a friend who just found out she is pregnant. Oh and not to forget, tending my garden beds and my flower beds. Oh and being a listening ear to my neighbor who is being forced to move due to the landlord putting the house they are living in up for sell. And if course trying to keep up with my Bible reading/studying.
They say there is no rest for the weary.

My sweet hubby has been busy tending to the yard, working, and even helping me a lot more with the kids and some of the household chores. He also has been very kind to listen to my concerns and complaints AND he even paints my toenails for me and puts lotion on my back. How sweet is he?

As for picture taking...most has been done with my cell phone. I have some pictures of various outings and of the cute little kittens who will be 4 weeks old this Tuesday! Time is flying by here!

I hope you all are staying busy! I hope to be able to bring you wonderful pictures of all the goings on here very soon. 

I miss talking to you all.

Many hugs to you!


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  1. Hi Mrs. Erin! Kings Island - that is where my daughter's family in Ohio goes to in the summer. How far is that from you? You sound like your life is busy and full.. and that's a lot better than being bored! LOL!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)