Saturday, December 21, 2013

Happening Holidays

My friends I am sorry for my absence again.
We have been so busy I have hardly had time to breathe.

We finally got all the toys from Karen's Kids delivered to the needy kids in the area.
I had the privilege of driving one of the Santa's around to deliver the toys. The look on those kids' faces when they saw Santa and the bag full of toys. I tell you those looks were a blessing to me. My heart was warmed and opened. I just can't describe the feelings I felt.

We have attended several school activities as well. One was a band concert and the others were Christmas plays. They all were really cute. I enjoyed watching each one of them.

My children were also in the Christmas Play at our church. Hope was an angel, Faith was the arch angel Gabriel, Eddie was a wise man, and Sj played Jesus' earthly father Joseph. I didn't get to watch the play because I was directing traffic backstage BUT the kids did a really great job and I am really proud of them.

I got to attend a birthday party for one of my best friends children. She turned one this past Wednesday. It is hard to believe she is a year old already. Where in the world does time go? Can someone tell me?

Lets see...we also had a cookie party to go to. We went to my mom's and made cookies and decorated them. We also made homemade decorations. 

All of this on top of practices, Church, Bible Study, Christmas Shopping. We are wiped out here in Misadventure land.

I am happy to say I have all of my Christmas shopping done. All the gifts are wrapped and under our tree. Oh I guess I had better explain a bit...In our house, Santa brings the stocking stuffers. You know, to help him get in and out quicker. Anyway, I had the majority of my shopping done by the 5th of December. I did order a few extra things online that came in this past week. I think if I totaled up all that I spent it would be around $1000. I know that is alot but this is going to be the last really big Christmas the kids will have. We will be spending a lot of time volunteering next year. I think they may get 3 gifts each next year. But we will see. I know we all want to spoil our kids during this time of year. I just want my kids to remember the reason for Christmas..not just getting stuff. I want them to volunteer and give. Learn that gift of giving and ministering to others.

BUT I am super excited for them to open their gifts. They all got some things they had been wanting for a while. I tell you, the older they get the more expensive gifts get!! But they will have a good amount of gifts this year and next year we will tone it down.

Well, I think that is all for now. I have a lot to do today.

I will update you all on a lot of stuff as soon as Christmas is over. Right now things are just too busy and hectic. 

I love each of you who read this blog.
Be Blessed,

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