Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A New Misadventure

Hello again my friends.
I'm doing pretty good this week with my blogging. I have missed writing to all of you.

I am thinking about starting a new misadventure. The idea came to me way back in summer when my neighbor had a catastrophe. You see, she had ordered and payed for a Team Umizoomi cake for her son's birthday. He's just a little guy of 3 or 4 years old. Well, she picked up the cake and paid for it but by the time she got it home, the cake had fallen apart in the box it was in. She didn't drop it, she didn't drive crazy, she didn't do anything but be careful with it.

Well, they have heard my kids and myself talk about baking and how I love to make cakes and cupcakes so her daughter rushed over to my house and asked me to come and take a look at this cake. Man that poor cake and the poor little boy and the furious mom!!!! The cake layers had slid off each other because the baker made them in small layers and then used tiny dowels to try to hold the layers in the individual cakes together. Her fondant work was pretty good but it wasn't on the layers it was just the characters.The cake was just iced in buttercream. It was slippery. It fell. The cake was a mess. 

I wish I had a picture to show you all the mess.

Well I told my neighbor that I thought I could fix it and piece it back together. I ran over here to my home and made some icing. I took all my icing tints back over to her house with my piping bags and such and started working. I tinted the icing to match and began piecing all the cake pieces back together. Guess what....I was able to take this poor crumbled cake and make it look like new again.

So can you guess what my misadventure is? 

I am thinking of starting out in a home based business making cakes and cupcakes for events. Then if it takes off, I may just look into getting into one of the empty storefronts here in my town. (We have one that was a doughnut/coffee shop that closed because the owner was elderly and sick and the kids didn't want to keep up with it..it hasn't been touched so maybe it still has the ovens and stuff in it) My bakery will carry gourmet cupcakes in flavors like chocolate death, orange cream, cookies and cream, red velvet, regular cupcakes like vanilla and chocolate. I would love to have some brownies and cookies in there as well and then people could order birthday cakes and maybe even wedding cakes.

Now, I live in a small town..It may be 5-10 square miles at the most. However, we have one place here in town to buy cakes and it is a local supermarket. We don't have anyone who makes personalized cakes. The closest to us is about 20 miles away.

With all that being said, I have ordered a few things to help me get started. I went to the Wilton web site and ordered a master set of piping tips, a cake turntable, and a piping practice board. I have been using them all and believe it or not, I'm pretty good. I actually surprised myself. 

Now another cool thing is, you can buy wilton products at walmart and I have 4 within 30 minutes of me. I can also get cake stuff from Hobby Lobby and the outlet mall which is only 40 or so minutes away.

I'm really thinking of giving it a go. I think I will get started by bringing my designer cupcakes to carry-ins at our church, to family reunions, and test them on my family and the ladies at our women's Bible study. 

So what do you think?

Should I give it a go?

Let me know in a comment.

Until we meet again remember I'm sending my love and big hugs to you.
Be blessed,

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