Saturday, January 12, 2013

Support Gardeners

My friends I have posted several things about my garden over the years.
I am very proud to grow healthy food for my family.

There is a couple in Florida who are in a battle with their city to keep their front yard garden.
Their names are Jennifer and Jason Helvenston.
Their city wants them to rip up their front yard garden.
If they don't they could be fined up to $500 a day.

They have started a campaign called "Plant a Seed, Change the Law"

Their website Patriot Gardens explains the things they are going through!

They not only grow their own food to eat but they also share their homegrown goods with other people.

They help educated people about growing food and its benefits.

Please visit their website.
Post a link on your website to help support their cause.

Also, you can request a seed packet and a sign from them!

Lets help these people maintain their rights to grow their own foods.

Please, if nothing else, just visit their website and read about their cause!

Thank You!
Be Blessed,

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