Thursday, January 17, 2013

Crank that Heat Up

Hello my friends.
Good to see you again.
Guess what?!?


We found out way back in October that our old furnace was putting out high levels of carbon monoxide.
So we did some shopping around to see how much it was gonna cost us to get a new one.
Well, it was gonna be way more than we can afford!
So we made contact with our local community action and filled out tons of paperwork, went through tons of inspections, and waited a LONG time.

We suffered through some pretty cold days and nights with just space heaters in room with doors blocked with blankets. But we are toasty warm now!!!

Wanna join me in the dungeon basement to see the old furnace?
Here it is from the back right corner. You can see how big and wide it is.

The front of our old monstrosity!  We found out that our old furnace was made in the 1960s and the company "ModernAire" isn't even around anymore!!!

Our old furnace was flawed by design. Most of the heat would go out of the chimney. Our house always had a chill to it. The furnace would kick on for several minutes then kick off then back on..Our electric and gas bills were over $500 each during the coldest days in the winter. Not good.

Now returning to the dungeon basement for the new furnace.

It is so shiny and clean. This furnace is brand spanking new. It is energy efficient! It is half the size of our old beast.

Another pic from the side.

From the back. The left side is the air return.

Here is where they vented it! Right out the basement window!!

We also got a new digital thermostat! We have it set on 70 degrees and our house is WARM! There is no chill in the air! I tell you, it has been a long, annoying, hard road but we can finally enjoy our house again!

I'm so happy!

Well that is all for today! 

I have more to tell you about very soon! 
Something that has happened twice in the past 6 months.
The hits just keep coming!

Until next time.
Be Blessed.


  1. Wahooooooo! I'm happy for you al!!! Hugs, Teresa

  2. It's amazing how being warm can make you feel so good :) I hope your bills go down now too