Monday, January 21, 2013

Now What?

My friends, at the end of my last blog post I stated that I had more to tell you about!

Well, a week ago, last Monday, a guy who works at the hospital a block away left work because he wasn't feeling well.
Sadly, on his way home he hit 4 cars, one of them was ours!

As you can see he was coming up the road and he smacked into our Malibu. 

Here you can see how hard he hit our car...It has been moved over at least a foot.

Here is an up close view of the damage.

What you can't see is he hit our car so hard it actually bent the steel rim of the tire and broke the strut off of the back of the tire.

He missed our van (Praise God) and here you can see how he went off of the road again.

Here is his front passenger side tire that fell off.

After hitting our car (lucky #1). He proceeded up our street where he lost his tire. He then drove his Tahoe up by the school and hit a car there. He hit two other cars on his way to his home which is about a mile away.

We found out that day that the man who hit these cars is battling brain cancer and is currently in the hospital.
We have been praying for him!
We still don't understand why he left the hospital if he wasn't feeling right. He should have gotten checked out first or maybe even had someone drive him home.

At the time of me writing this, we are still waiting for his insurance company to come and survey the damage to our car. For some reason I have a sinking feeling that we are gonna get shafted big time. I know we will be getting our own estimate. I sure hope our car can be fixed but if it can't I hope they give us enough to pay it off and put a down payment on another vehicle.

That is gonna be all for today my friends.
I sure hope our fortune changes soon! I'm not too sure how much more I can take!
On a good note, our house is super cozy now that we have a new furnace! 
AND the changing of the furnace has somehow solved the musty old house smell we had that I thought I would have to live with forever!!

Until next time
Be Blessed

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  1. Oh no! How sad for that poor man and how frustrating for you. I will pray for both situations and I hope you will be treated fairly with your car.

    Great news on the furnace! I've been following along, just don't always comment. :-)