Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Our Summer Vacation (so far)

I want to start off with an apology. My friends I am truly sorry I haven't been keeping up with my blog. I realize if I would blog more often I wouldn't write such LONG posts that keep you away from things you would like to do. Please accept my apology and I will try to find my bloggy voice again.

Now for the goods. LET ME TELL YOU...this summer has been so crazy. We have been going, going, going. We have been trying to stay cool in the CrAzY heat. We have had actual temps of 105+ degrees! We have been to several birthday parties (Yay for swim parties with the heat) and we have also been doing the summer reading thing at the library...OH and to help with the "Kids stay inside because it is too darn hot to be outside" by checking out toys and movies from the library. 

Now I am gonna get to the 33 yes 33 pictures of the stuffs we have been doing.


We went to Wilmington again this year to see the fireworks. My hubby works in Wilmington so we just met him up there that afternoon. IT WAS HOT! Over 100 degrees BUT we had to get the best fireworks watching spot.

Here is Eddie and Hope patiently waiting in the heat to watch the fireworks.

My poor hubby was miserably hot. Him being a redhead makes him prone to sun sickness so he wasn't a happy camper.

My daughter Faith and I sat in the back of the van to get some SHADE. The people behind her are friends of ours. We saved them a spot so their 2 daughters could have a good view too!

Here are all 6 children at dusk. They were getting really excited.

Sure was kind of fun listening to them all giggle. Our friends' youngest daughter laughed her little head off at my oldest daughter creating arm pit farts.

We did make it to see the fireworks and we were super happy to feel the cooler night air.


We have spent several afternoons at the skate park. My oldest daughter and my youngest son love to skateboard.

Here you can see Hope mastering her skateboard.

And Sj chasing his :)


We have spent several days fishing, hiking, swimming, picnicking, and playing cornhole at Paint Creek Lake.

Here is a tree my hubby carved our initials in several years ago. I am super happy no one has scared them over.

The hiking paths are so beautiful.

And full of bugs. My oldest Loves bugs.

A nice shot of the water.

My boys on one of the paths.

Paint Creek has a nice visitors center too. They let the kiddos get some freebies of coloring books and stickers. They also let you use the cornhole bags for free as long as you have them back before the park closes.

Here is a shot of my kiddos on a mock bridge in the flower/water garden at the visitors center.

The moon over Paint Creek was STUNNING!

Here is the top of the dam all lit up at night.


We also have played a lot of games to beat the heat. The boys and I love to play monopoly even though my youngest son who is only 7 years old beats us every time!

Roxy isn't thrilled with family game night. She prefers to sleep.


Our local fire department holds a water fun day for all the kiddos a few times during the summer.

They use the firetrucks to spray water on all the kids AND the local Community Action provides free lunches for all the kids.


My oldest daughter, who aspires to be an artist, drew this likeness of Joyce Meyer. I think she has done a wonderful job here.


I haven't had much time to crochet but here is a pic of my hubby with his Father's Day gift from me. I crocheted him a cute little groundhog club cover.

I have also been working on the "never-ending ripple blanket". I just keep finding colors I want to add. I have also been making wash/dish clothes and I am finding patterns and planning tons of baby items for a friend of mine who is now 3 1/2 months pregnant.


I am still using my coupons. I got the hair color below for free.

Ok I had to pay tax but I saved over $11.00..


We have visited Rocky Fork Lake a few times as well.

We love this dam.

It is so neat.

Love this shot of my family looking at the dam! L to R Hope, hubby, Sj, Eddie, Faith

The dam from the bottom

We also love to watch the sail boats on the lake.

And while I'm watching the boats....hubby likes to fish.


I also love to get these kind of freebies. This one was a facebook promotion...it came with a bunch of great target coupons.

And that is all for right now. Other than all the stuff I have already mentioned I have been taking care of a sick child, my oldest has tonsillitis and has been running a fever. I have been taking care of an injured child, Sj has a busted upper lip because his brother decided to head butt him. And I have been taking care of sick cats. Some of our kittens have an eye infection that we have been treated with prescription meds from the vet. All on top of all my household duties and keeping up with all the stuff going on! 

I am one tired but extremely happy momma and wouldn't have it any other way.



  1. Hi Erin, glad to see you post! Great photos of the family and all your activities. Thanks for visiting my blog, too.. haven't seen you there in a while! Hope your summer cools down.. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Looks like lots of fun. We have been suffering the heat too. This week has finally been below 100 and we have been outside a lot. Summer is meant for having fun. Crochet will be there when it cools off.