Saturday, July 14, 2012

5K Maybe

Hello again my friends.

Whew it is so hot and sticky right now! I don't really like that feeling...The air is thick, your skin feels sticky, and clothes seem to stick to your body...Not to mention what that humidity does to my wavy hair...My hair looks like a big frizz ball right now. I am so ready for rain and cooler, more comfortable weather.

This weather has stalled my 5k training a bit.

Oh I forgot to tell you, didn't I?

Well in my younger years, before having my children, I was very active and athletic. I loved to play volleyball and softball. I did some cheer activities and tumbling. I was always doing something. That all changed when I had my first child. I was only 19 years old and I was pretty much STUCK inside all day taking care of my child. When she was 18 months I had my second child, 2 years later my 3rd, and 2 years after that, my fourth child came along. I have been stuck in the same rut since they were born. Inside taking care of them and the house. Not getting out and doing much. I have been going insane.

Well, now that my baby is 7 years old, we have been getting out more. We enjoy nature hikes, bike riding, swimming, neighborhood walks. We enjoy outdoors a lot. I have realized I don't HAVE to be stuck inside anymore. It is EASIER to get out and enjoy places.

I have always wanted to do charity runs. I want to do the Flying Pig 5k next year in Cincinnati as my ice breaker event. I would also love to do a 10 k, a half marathon, a full marathon, and a triathlon. I don't want to do it for anything but to enjoy myself and help raise money for various charities and organizations.

The down side to my dreams is that I never thought I could do it. I am so very out of shape. I have bad knees and hips from the abuse I put on them being active in my younger years. I also have disc problems in my lower back. However, I decided this summer I would TRY.

So earlier this summer, I began to train. I would use the track at our school. I only live 2 blocks from it so I would walk to the track and then walk one lap around the track. Then, on the next lap, I would run the curved parts of the track and walk the straight parts, the next lap I would switch it up and run the straight parts and walk the curved parts. I also would utilize the bike trail in our town. I would walk a while, then jog until I got winded, then walk, then run up the very steep hill that led away from the trail. I was committed.

I have learned some very important things about myself. For one, I am the biggest obstacle I face. I kept telling myself I couldn't jog for so long I had started believing it and I was afraid to try. I also learned that I LOVE to jog. I don't have to jog fast, I don't have to jog for a long distance, I can jog as I feel like it. I can take my time to build myself up to jogging 3.5 miles without stopping to walk. There is no rush! I also learned that my BODY LOVES jogging. My hips and knees felt better, stronger, less painful. My lower back would loosen up. I felt so much better afterwards it would affect my whole day. I chose better foods and better drinks. I would be more active. I was happier and ENJOYED life more.

Then a monkey wrench was thrown in. You see, I don't feel comfortable with jogging by myself or with one of my daughters. We have some not-so-good people in our little town and I am afraid for my safety. My partner in jogging was my wonderful hubby BUT he has suffered an injury. A torn tendon in his heel. He was on crutches for a while and he has to take it easier until the tendon rebuilds. The weather has also kept me from jogging. It isn't good to jog when you get up in the morning and the heat index is already to 90 degrees. I can't jog at night because I don't feel safe. I am STUCK once again.

As of this moment, it has been 2 weeks since I have done any kind of jogging. My body isn't reacting very well. My back is stiff and sore again. My knees and hips give me agony. I don't sleep well at night due to the pain. My mood is horrible because I want to be out there jogging around my neighborhood. My eating habits fell back into the unhealthy modes. I am not choosing what is best for my body anymore. I am feeding the cravings/addictions I have for junk foods. I have gained the 5 pounds I had lost back. I feel horrible about myself.

The up side is...I KNOW I can pick it back up again. I know I will be able to get back to where I was easily. I just have to start again. I think I will start tomorrow. I think I need to buy some pepper spray so I will feel safe. I think I now have a plan.



  1. Do you guys have a community rec center. Ours is 8 miles from here, but it has an indoor track and it is free if you get a membership card. The card costs $2 if you don't live in town. Free for in town. I feel safe there and walk on the track. I don't know how big your town is. Ours is tiny and that is why we have to go 8 miles to use the rec center, but it is worth it. Good luck with training, you can do it!

    1. Kashi, unfortunately we don't have a rec center nearby. We do have a gym area in our local chiropractor's office. We have 2 ymca's each about 20 miles away. I would love to have one though!

      Thanks for the encouragement.

  2. Erin, what about jogging around your high school track? I wouldn't let fear for your safety slow you down.. if you think about it, with all the people that jog, you hardly ever hear of a problem. Just run in well-lighted areas with lots of people around and you should be fine. I swim 3 days a week at my fitness club and that's really made me feel stronger. Good luck! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. Mrs. Teresa, I do use the track most of the time but I get bored of the scenery and sometimes a practice is going on and I can't use it. Our bike path isn't lit at all but I love jogging it. I'm currently looking for a jogging buddy so that should help ease some of the safety issues.