Sunday, June 26, 2011

Our new kitten and charity squares.

Hello friends. How are you all today? I hope you are doing very well. I am taking today off of my usual chores and sitting in my bed watching television, playing on the internet, and blogging! It is a very good day for it too since it is raining buckets! My kiddos are doing their own things. Some are in the living room watching kids movies on Netflix and others are in their rooms with their stuff. We don't have too many quiet days in my house but today has been very quiet so far. It is kind of nice.

As you all know, we already have one kitty, a female named Daisy. She is the sweetest and most playful thing ever. Also, I mentioned we lost our kitty Tiger and how he impregnated our neighbor's kitty Nala. When we found out she was pregnant I told our neighbor I would get a kitten. I wanted a female because of Daisy being a female but when I saw this......

 I knew he had to be mine!!! Meet Wicket! He is named after one of the Ewoks on Star Wars. He is so fluffy and so adorable and lovey. 

 Here is the photo I captured of him just yesterday. He was sitting on the couch snuggled up to my hubby's leg. Isn't he just one of the cutest things you have ever seen? How many pets do we have now? Well 5. Our two kitties, our two puppies, and a rabbit. With all the animals and our 4 kiddos I feel like I live in a zoo! ;p

I have also been very busy crocheting squares for Share a square. Basically, this is a charity who gives blankets to kids who attend Camp Quality. All you do is crochet 6 inch squares, weave in all your ends except your final tail which you leave 12 inches long. You make sure your tail is in a corner space. You also send business card sized tags with your name and where you are from and a special message if you want. Then you send them all to Shelly (the founder of Share a Square). She laminates the tags and attaches them to your square with a ribbon, Shelly and volunteers then stitch the squares into blankets, and the blankets are packaged up and taken to the kids at Camp Quality. Shelly says to send as many squares you can not to exceed 150 per person. She will be accepting Squares again this August.

I have currently crocheted 12 squares. I am working through Jan Eaton's 200 crochet blocks book. I am slightly modifying the patterns to make sure the squares are 6 inches. I hope to have 150 finished by August and to keep crocheting squares so I can have them every year!

Well that is all for today friends. I hope you all have a wonderful day and be blessed.

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  1. Hi Erin, sounds like a nice day, everyone doing their own thing. We had a family BBQ today with my daughter, her hubby, our 2 granddaughters, our DIL, 2 toddler grandsons, my sis and hubby and my other sis and hubby and my nephew and his wife! It was fun and crazy and a zoo. Loved it!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)