Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I'm Still Alive: A Random Blog Post

Hello my lovely friends. Boy, life is hectic isn't it? We have been enjoying summery things. Grilling, family reunions, swimming, bike riding, friendly get-togethers. Honestly, this has been the best summer already.

I have been here, there, and everywhere. I have  met many new people. I know it is because my confidence is up since getting my "dental upgrades". This month marks 5 months I have had my dentures. All I can say is I wish I had done it sooner!!!! I am living my life now, not letting it live me.

Let me guess, you all want some pictures?!? Well I have plenty for you to see! I need to be more consistant with my blogging. I miss reading my favorite blogs and writing my own. I miss reading all of your kind comments. I just miss everything!

 Meet our new addition. This pretty little kitten's name is Daisy. We decided after our puppy Shorty passed away, we wanted to get a kitten. So we got this sweet girl from one of our neighbors. She was so scared, shy, she hid all the time when we brought her home last week. Now she looks like a little mouse running around. She plays and cuddles. She is the sweetest thing.

 Here is an up close pic of her cute little face. Oh and guess what, we are getting her a playmate. Our neighbor's kitty was impregnated by our Tiger shortly before he passed. I told her I wanted one of the kittens when we realized her baby was prego. So next week we will have another cute cuddly kitten to play with.

 There on that chair is a dog my kids drug in. Her name is Shiloh. She is a lab mix. She is a sweet puppy but destructive. You can see the hole on my new chair...ugh...and she tore an enormous hole in the matching new couch. We are trying to train her but she is too smart and stubborn so I think it is going to take a while.

 Of course I had to show you a great picture of my baby, Tinkerbell. She is the sweetest little thing. She is 2 1/2 years old. We love her to bits.

We also have a rabbit named Salem AND my oldest daughter is taking care of a baby robin. It is almost ready to fly.

Now to the next topic.

 Crochet!! This is my neat and tidy crochet corner. From the very top: 2 figurines that once belonged to my mom (blue and white), also the turquoise/blue swan that belonged to my husband's grandma, the yellowish figurines belonged to my hubby's mom, the brick is an actual brick from George Washington's house, and my glucose meter. The next shelf contains all of my crochet books, the next shelf has baby and dk weight yarn. those scrummy colors are stylecraft. The next shelf contains all of my acrylic worsted weight yarn, the next has a cardboard box containing squares for Share a square and the bin of bulky yarn. The bottom shelf has my big sewing box and magazines...Whew that shelf has lots of stuff.

 !WARNING! EYE CANDY! 10 balls of Stylecraft Special DK yarn from Deramores. I haven't figured out what to make with it so it sits there for me to stare at. Almost like my muse..lol

 This is one of my WIPs. I am still making this baby blanket. It bores me as it is the same 2 rows over and over and over. However I only have 10 repeats of the pattern left and I can do the border...MUST GET IT FINISHED.

 Next WIP. Granny squares for a blanket. I dunno how I am going to join them yet but I know they will be joined with white. The other colors in these sqares are burgundy, country blue, and yellow.

 WIP 3: My poor son's granny stripe. I also get bored with this one. I want to move on with something else so bad but I lack motivation to finish it. I still need to make a giant granny rectangle for each of my girls.

Next topic.....

 Our poor unlevel swimming pool. This pool was given to us. A lady didn't want  to deal with it anymore and she said if we took it down we could have it. So we took it down and put it up in our back yard. I promise our ground didn't seem that unlevel when we was putting it up but man we were wrong! So we plan on taking it down in the fall and leveling off the ground. But hey...Free Pool...15 foot by 4 feet deep.

Next Topic...
 My garden. It is growing really well! This is my tub o potatoes. Once the plants die off and fall over they will be finished. I cannot wait to see how many potatoes are actually in this tub.

 Here is Garden bed number 3. It has broccoli, onions, carrots, watermelon, cantelope, basil, eggplant, and zucchini growing. Yes it makes me very happy to be growing my own food.

 Garden bed number 2: Squash, zucchini, okra, lettuce, bush beans, corn, and cilantro. I already have beans growing! I cannot wait til the harvest.

 Garden bed number 1: Cherry tomatoes, better boy tomatoes, cucumber, jalapeno, bell pepper, chives, and dill. It looks pitiful compared to the rest. I still may plant some quick growing foods here!

This is one of my squash plants! I see squash coming in the near future.

 My cucumber plants are tiny but they also have blossoms. I will probably pinch the blossoms off so the plant can mature a little more.

 Oh and this spider plant. My mom took the "babies" off of it and was going to throw this beautiful plant in the trash!!!!!!! I told her heck no and rescued it!

And finally this poor fern. My mom hated that it would "shed" and she had to vacuum so she set it outside and the frost got it. She just wanted to let it die. I finally talked her into letting me take it. I cut all the dead fronds off of it and LOOK.....more are growing! She didn't kill it afterall!!! YAY!

Well that is all the update for now. I will try to keep my camera around so I can update on my daily goings on. Thank you all for reading my blog and I hope to catch up on all of your's very soon.

Be Blessed.


  1. Erin, you had SO much to catch up on telling us! Love the kitty and your garden is so nice. I still don't have a raised garden bed here.. hmm..
    Hope to see you more often.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

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