Thursday, May 2, 2013

Springing Around

Hello again my friends. I know it has been nearly a month since I have wrote last. I have no excuse really.
I just haven't been taking pictures and I haven't really felt like blogging.
I haven't really been doing anything except working in my yard, going to church, and doing things I have to do. I have kind of lost my mojo for everything again.

However, I have found out the reasons why I have felt so off lately. The reason can cause my blahs, the anxiety, feeling so worn out and tired. It really explains it all.

I am only 33 years old and I am in perimenopause. 
I have moderate symptoms and we are trying a holistic approach to help with these symptoms.
I know that 33 seems pretty young but my grandmother started in her mid thirties and my mom started in her late thirties. I guess since I delivered 4 kids and had the cancer, my body has decided to start ending certain aspects of my life.

So for the past week I have been taking better care of myself.

First, I had to begin taking vitamins and supplements. I am taking a daily multivitamin with minerals, a Vitamin B complex, a calcium/magnesium with zinc supplement, and a fish oil. Next week I will incorporate a vitamin c supplement.These supplements are supposed to help with the regulations of my crazy hormones.

I also have to eat a lot better. I'm supposed to have plenty of fruits and vegetables, lean protein, and healthy fats with every meal. This is probably the hardest part of the whole thing. We have limited funds for groceries so buying will be a challenge. However, my garden will make this really easy this summer.

I also have to make sure to get daily exercise. I will admit that I am pretty lazy. I love to just watch movies relaxing on the couch all day. But now I make sure to walk the dogs plenty during the day. I also have yoga and zumba dvds that I can incorporate. I have a friend who wants me to walk with her and we have talked about playing some volleyball as soon as we can work around her schedule. So I have that covered.

I have managed to take some pictures for you.
This gorgeous cloudy sky was on my way to my mom's house to pick up a surprise.
(I will reveal with a pic later)

Here we have a pic of Hope blowing a dandelion.
(I love this pic)

This pic is of Eddie and his dad's hand as we were waiting for Faith's band concert to start.

Faith is seen here with the pink shoes on. She is sitting beside the girl with the bluish/purplish dress on.

The entire 6th grade band did such a wonderful job.

Here is the surprise we picked up from my mom's. She decided to buy her a new swing and she gave us her old Amish made wooden one. It is only a couple years old. It is now my favorite spot on my front porch.

I have been doing a lot of work in my yard. Here are my front flower beds.
I decided to use black mulch this year instead of red.

I added some mystery lilies beside my house and I added some tulips around my shepherd's hook.
I also put some strawberry plants in my hanging basket. They were being choked out by a rambling rose and honey suckle vines.

These are the only things that haven't been planted in my garden.
The cups are my tomato plants and the cells are my pepper plants.
They aren't very big because I was late starting them.

My garden beds are all planted with everything except for my tomatoes and peppers.
I didn't get a chance to redo them due to unforseen money issues.

My greenhouse has turned into a garden shed.

My hubby used recycled wood and made me a compost bin. I don't have much in it now but I will have it full of nutritious stuff to make some awesome compost for my garden very soon.

My back deck garden has been planted. This year it is mostly stuff for a salad.
We have kale, spinach, lettuce, swiss chard, green onions, regular onions, and soon we'll have 
cherry tomatoes.

Our beloved Smokey returned home!
Come to find out he was in our neighbor's garage.

The following pics are just some photos I took while walking my dogs.

I really want some creeping phlox. It is so pretty.

Well that is all for today. I will do an update on my garden and my hormonal situation.
I'm hoping to get back to blogging and crocheting.
Until next time,
Be Blessed.

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  1. I sure do like the flowers you planted by your house, and all the flowers in your area. Hope your weather settles into a nice pattern. We're having a crazy warm Spring for Oregon! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)