Saturday, September 8, 2012

I'm Ready for a Makeover

Hello again. Okay so I don't really need a makeover but I want to do some things for my house.
You see, i get bored really easy with stuff and I just want some improvements done! I don't mean major renovations here...just some tweaks here and there.

This picture is of the living room when we first bought our "fixer upper". You can see the carpet was terribly dirty and there was icky paneling on the wall.

Here you can see what I have done to our living room. I have torn the paneling off the walls and painted them this nice white color (it is actually an off white) I also painted the trim a nice white. I painted our door red, cleaned the carpet, and added curtains.
 I loved my living room for a while but now I am bored with it. I have started taking the white paint off of the trim and putting it back to its original wood tones. But now I dunno what else to do! I know I am going to get some furniture covers to "Change up" the furniture a bit. I will finish stripping the trim returning it to it's original wooden color. Should I paint the walls?  A nice sea foam green? A greyish blue? Add a rug? The possibilities are endless.

Here is a picture of what our dining area looked like before we moved in. It looks pretty much the same except the carpet is much cleaner and I have removed the border and the golden hook thing. Oh and it now hosts our 6 passenger cherry dining table :)
For my dining room I want to add a chair rail at the level of the window sill. I think I will match the chair rail to the color of the wood trim. I think I would love to paint the lower half of the wall a nice deep burgundy color and then have the part of the wall above the chair rail remain white. Then i would like to dress the window in a nice red and white plaid window treatment. Then I can add some country cottage decor. What do you think?

Below is my kitchen! I love the floor but I want to change the cabinet color and the wall color. I just don't know which direction to go!
I was thinking of removing the ugly chandelier and adding a regular ceiling light there. Then painting the cabinets some color (def not white maybe stain them a lighter oak or paint them a nice deep blueish green) and then paint the walls a nice pale yellow. I want to paint the faux brick in chalk board or white board paint. Anyone have any ideas that won't clash the tans in the back splash and the green floor!

You see, I love to redecorate but I have a hard time deciding between all the things really like.

I have tons of ideas and cant decide!

What do you all think?


  1. Have a look on Pinterest. You will probably find lots of neat ideas. I would take out the chandelier too. That is the only advice I have. Not much. Lol. Have fun. I love to redecorate.

  2. I'd suggest buying some magazines with decor that you like and get some ideas from them. That's neat that you like to change up things.. some people leave things the same for like EVER. My sister bought a house 50 years ago and not one change has been made. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)