Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Am I Alive?

Hello again everyone. I know I haven't wrote in SOOOO long and I hope you can forgive me but I have had a few challenges!

Our summer was packed with stuff to do. Especially when we had to get the kiddos ready for school. I swear we spent two weeks on the go with all the shopping that needed done and the appointments and open houses to meet the teachers.

We have also been volunteering. We help people who need people to do things...Ha, ha, I know that is a little broad spectrum but the most recent was helping a family nearby. They own an auto repair shop but the owner/operator had to be put on a heart transplant list. They found someone to re-open the shop and run it BUT the shop had to be cleaned up. Unfortunately the owner passed away that very night. I am happy to say that I have seen several people there since the shop reopened.

We have also been going to church. I prayed so hard for God to guide me to the church we belong to. Well he sure did!!! We attend a non-denominational church here in Greenfield. It meets all the criteria we wanted in a church and it has great opportunities to give back to the community through blanket making, a food bank, and a Secret Santa program!! 

We have been dealing with some illnesses here in the household. My oldest daughter had a high fever for a few days this summer. My hubby has Crohn's disease and we have been trying to get his FMLA approved so when he has the really bad flares he can stay home. I have been battling a UTI for a month now. It comes and goes AND since my hubby and I don't have insurance anymore I cannot go get an antibiotic to help it. That really sucks.

I have also been freezing/canning stuff from my garden. I even bought myself a pressure canner. We used some salsa I canned a couple nights ago on tacos and I have to say it was so much better than Pace! I also planted some stuff for fall but I don't really know how well it will do. I have been neglecting my watering and weeding a bit with all the other stuff going on.

I have also been studying. I have been studying the Bible a lot more. I also bought a couple Psychology textbooks. One is more of an introduction and the basics and the other is Abnormal Psychology. I figure that even though I am unable to go back to school right now I can still study and learn on my own. That way when I do go back to school I will have a little of an advantage. 

Oh and I am thinking of going back to school around the beginning of the year. We have schools up here that offer courses and give the cost of the courses in the book. I am thinking of being a Pharmacy Tech. The course is $700 that is books and all AND the certification test is $150. I think that would be a great job for me and if I can work at one of the local pharmacies I will still be able to spend time with my kiddos.

My hubby's sister is going to come up for Thanksgiving this year. She is a cosmetologist. She wants to spend time with the kiddos, do the girl's hair (and mine!) and Eat turkey dinner with us. I am so excited and I have already started planning my dinner menu!!!

We also had one of our cars hit. No worries, it was parked and no one was around it. My hubby and I were watching the late news and heard a big KABLAM! The person left the scene. Luckily, we saw the car and with a tip from the hospital ER (which is a block away) they tracked the person down in the next town over. Apparently, the person driving had been given medication and wasn't allowed to drive but they did. We had uninsured motorist coverage so my insurance company cut us a check. We were able to get the kids more school stuff than we had originally planned (we spoiled them) AND we also was able to get a new car. We got rid of the piece of junk Kia Sportage we had (it was the one that got hit) AND we now own an 04 Malibu! It's nice to have a couple nice vehicles for once. It's even nicer we don't have to worry about one of them breaking down every time we go somewhere!

I think that covers it! My kiddos will be out of school next week because our school gives them the week of the Highland County Fair off since so many students participate in it. I think we are going to break out the tent and sleeping bags and go camping at my dad's house.

Until next time
Be Blessed.


  1. Life certainly sounds busy for you and yours. Enjoy the camping.

  2. Thanks for catching us up on things.. sounds like things are going pretty well!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)