Saturday, June 2, 2012

Family Fun Day

Hello wonderful friends. We had a fabulous day yesterday. It was the last day of my hubby's vacation and it was payday AND hubby had a nice bonus on his paycheck so we decided to take the kiddos and do something fun. So we all decided to go to Cincinnati.

Yesterday morning when we got up the weather was HORRIBLE! The skies were dark and grey. Rain was drizzling down. It was chilly. YUCK! But we didn't let that stop us.We all got our showers and off we went.

It takes about 1 hour and 45 minutes give or take to get to Cincinnati from our house. The drive was rainy but nice. We saw many things that interested us. 

Once we got to Cincy our first stop was Bass Pro Shop. Now as luck would have it, I actually remembered that I had a camera on my phone so I did get tons of pics of our outing even though they are crappy Blackberry pictures.

My kiddos LOVED Bass Pro Shop.They loved all the stuffed animals, they liked that they could climb aboard boats inside the store, they loved riding the escalators, and all the different adventurous displays.
Here you can see 3 of my kiddos being a little afraid of the bear.

They quickly got over their fear and posed nicely by the bear.

Their favorite part of the Bass Pro Shop was this airplane that you saw as soon as you walked in the doors.
Overall the Bass Pro Shop was awesome.
Since we were starving our next stop was Chick-fil-a. This was a super special treat for hubby and me because we hadn't ate at a Chick-fil-a since we lived down south nearly 10 years ago.

Our kiddos loved it too. And do you see the lady in the white shirt and black skirt? She made this stop so sweet. She just doted on the kids. She said they were the best behaved kids she had ever seen and she gave them a whole bag of mints. She was such a nice lady.

After getting our tummies full we went to mall that was close by. I wanted to go to Forever 21 to buy a dress I had seen online BUT they were sold out of my size at this store. So we walked the entire bi-level  mall letting the kiddos spend their allotted amounts of money. It was really fun to actually shop in a REAL mall again.

Once we finished walking the mall we decided we would take the kiddos on a special out of state adventure. This was extra special for our youngest son because this was the Very first time he had ever been out of the state of Ohio!!!
Here you can see we were heading to Newport, Kentucky.

Crossing the Ohio River we were greeted by the Welcome to Kentucky sign.

We took the kiddos to Newport on the levy. We had been talking about the huge Barnes n Nobles store there and since my kiddos are all avid readers, we took them.

Here you can see them posing and cheezing in front of the window that overlooks the Ohio River and downtown Cincy.

At Barnes n Nobles I decided to buy the Fifty Shades Trilogy. I had heard tons about it and well wanted to read it. I also bought a street map of the greater Cincinnati area. The map came in very handy once we left Newport on the levy as the roads we needed to take were closed due to construction.

Here is my hubby and kiddos in front of the big, silver marlin in front of Mitchell's Fish Market.

To top off our family day, we surprised our kiddos with a visit to the Newport Aquarium. 
I won't bore you with tons of descriptions of the following pics. 
However I did want to say Sorry for the poor quality and that my youngest daughter took the majority of these pics.

 Seeing the sharks and petting the sharks was awesome.

The pic below is of Mighty Mike.

I giggled when I saw these frogs...They look like mudpies with eyes.

My kiddos 

They Newport Aquarium was AWESOME! Can you believe this was the very first time I had EVER been to an aquarium in my 32 years of life???

Oh and in the middle of walking through the aquarium a guy stopped us to take our picture.
Here is a fun family photo of us getting attacked by a huge shark. 

After we left the aquarium and getting ourselves a slushie we decided we would head back towards home. 
Once we got out of the Cincy traffic we saw an exit that had another store I wanted to go to.

When we lived in Jacksonville, Florida I loved shopping at target! It was my favorite store. I was super happy to be in one again.

As we browsed around the store I happened to notice that a point n shoot camera I wanted was on sale. I told hubby it was a great deal. He was looking at Kindle fires so I just left him there to look. He met up with me later with a target bag in his hand. I thought he had gotten a Kindle but he had gotten me this:

I couldn't believe it!!! I had been wanting a point and shoot to keep in my purse for a long time. You know, for those things you wanna capture to blog about. Now don't get me wrong I absolutely adore my Nikon D40 but it is too big and bulky to take everywhere. I wanted another Nikon because of the quality of the cameras and of the Nikor lenses. This one is perfect. I can't wait to experiment with it and show you the pics I come up with.

We got home around 10:30 last night. We were all worn out! We all went to bed by 11:30.

Thank you for checking out our family fun day!



  1. Erin it was great to read about your happy family time, the kids will remember their trip. How lovely you got a compliment on their behaviour that is a credit to you and hubby. Love the camera and I am looking forward to the photographs. :) x

  2. Nice post. I just bought those books when I was out shopping this morning. Hope they live up to the hype. Don't let your daughters read them though, lol

  3. What a great day for your family! Sure looks like a great aquarium! I love Target too! What a nice hubby to surprise you with a new P&S! Hugs, Teresa

  4. Thank you so much for the wonderful mention! We're so glad you had a chance to visit, at last. Loved the pictures. Your family looks like everyone was having a great time.

    Please come back again soon!