Tuesday, December 20, 2011

What A Day!

Hello again friends. Today has been one of the most annoying frustrating days I have ever encountered! As my faithful readers know, my family and I were supposed to embark on a weeks trip to Florida. During this trip, my kids were going to be surprised by their Aunt and Uncle with a trip to Disney Magic Kingdom in Orlando. We were supposed to be leaving today at 5 pm after the kiddos got out of school BUT we are still at home! It seemed NOTHING went right today!

Last night we packed all of our bags and had everything we needed sitting in our living room. We were all so excited about our trip we could barely sleep! This morning my hubby got our kids off to school and let me sleep a couple hours longer since I would be doing all of the driving on our trip.

I got up at 9 am this morning and got myself ready to go. We put all of our big dog Shiloh's stuff in my car and headed to pick up our rental van and to drop Shiloh off to the dog sitters. We had to go to our local drug store to pick up one of my hubby's refills and to pick up some Dramamine as 2 of my children get car sick. Everything went smoothly there. Then we drove to the town where we will be picking up the van and dropping off the dog. We had to stop at Walmart to do some money transferring to the card we would be using to pay for our rental van. Well, we accidentally left the lights on in my car and our battery died. A kind gentleman tried to give us a "boost" but to no avail as our negative terminal connection piece was broken. UGH

We were able to contact a friend and he drove us to the rental car place and dropped us off. Now over the phone with these people we had discussed everything we would need to rent this van. We get in there and encountered NOTHING but PROBLEMS. #1 we couldn't use the debit card as it  was not associated with a checking account. #2 Since the rental would be in my name the card had to be in my name. #3 We had to have $175 dollars more than we thought would because we had to purchase their insurance. #3 We found out we could use a money order to pay but we had to have 2 utility bills without a past due amount in my name (no problem) and  pay stub. 

Well, we obviously didn't have the bills or money order in hand and we were dropped off and we didn't get the van so we had to walk over a mile to the auto parts store to get a new negative battery terminal connector for my car. Then we had to walk to where my hubby works because the same friend who picked us up told us we could use his vehicle if we needed to. So we picked it up and wen't all the way back across town to fix our car.

Once we got back to Walmart I took poor Shiloh to potty (she was so good in her kennel!!) while my hubby tried to fix the car. Well, the cable was too short to fix the car!!! Somehow my hubby the magician was able to keep the car running long enough to get back to his workplace so we could return the truck and get cable and a connector to fix the car. It worked and then we headed home to gather the things we would need to finalize the van rental.

Once we got home we called the rental company to verify we had everything AND found out we had EVERYTHING except ONE THING!! Since I am a Stay at Home Mom I don't have a pay stub so even though we had all of the other things we couldn't rent the van! No one else could rent it for us.....It has been a mess....

The cherry on top of all of this disappointing day....my youngest son had a fever when he got out of school. It was a low grade fever and came right down with some ibuprofen but he isn't feeling well none the less and I am not feeling very well myself after being in the cold all day!

So.....we have one last thing that we are going to try in the morning to get a van and if it doesn't work we are just staying home for Christmas. Maybe it is best that we stay home. I am so discouraged right now I don't even want to go on the trip anymore. I want to stay in my home and enjoy myself right here BUT if we do get a way down, I wouldn't let the kids miss Disney for anything!!!

I hope all of you who read this has had a better day than I!
Be Blessed!


  1. Oh my dear Erin.. I am so sorry that you had these problems and the stupid rental red tape ruined everything. I do hope that somehow you can still go as you were so excited about it and I'm sure the kids were too. Wah!
    Hugs, Teresa

  2. Oh, you were so excited. I hope it works out. I hate dealing with all that kind of stuff. I will be thinking about you today and hoping it works out for you.

  3. Oh honey I am so sorry!! What a frustrating day. Many prayers and love to you and your family.

  4. So sorry Erin, praying you can find a way and the frustration goes away!