Thursday, April 21, 2011

New Projects, Spud Buds, n more.

Hello again friends. Sure is a sunny day today but it isn't that warm. Only 50 degrees at the moment and windy. I am happy to have the sunshine because it is so much easier to be happy when the sun is shining.

I have been spending my morning cleaning. I did take a break though. I have been having a hard time dealing with our loss as you all know. Well it was mainly because her presence is no longer with us. I couldn't see her. I had a cute picture on my phone of Shorty and Tinkerbell laying on a fluffy purple pillow with frogs on it. They claimed this pillow as theirs. So I took my sd card out of my phone and put it in the adapter, took it to my local Rite Aid and used the photo kiosk to print off that picture of my pups. I then went to my local dollar store and bought a little silver frame to put it in. The picture now holds a special spot on my fireplace and my heart feels better now because I can see her! It was a win-win.

Now for the reason of this blog post. I had gotten away from crocheting. As a matter of fact, I hadn't been on the attic24 blog or on ravelry in over a month. SHAME ON ME! Crochet calms me down and helps me heal so I picked it up again and started crocheting like a mad woman.

 The first project here is my son Eddie's granny stripe blanket. His favorite color is red so I made sure at least two shades were in it. I am making it out of Red Heart Super Saver and the yellow is Caron one pound in Sunflower (i think :) )
 Here are the colors up close. The funny thing is, as I was picking out colors (mostly from my stash) I was thinking man this is going to be one funky looking blanket. But you know what, I love the way it looks. The colors just seem to mesh together well. My son has been hounding me to get it finished so he can have his blanket since his brother, Sj has the one I made that was using blues, creams and browns. (Sj's favorite color is blue)

 My next project is going to be a granny sqauare blanket for my living room. My hubby bought me 4 fabulous colors of Caron Simply Soft yarn. My living room is a mish mash of furniture mostly given to us. The furniture is hunter green and blue. I made burgundy curtains out of king size bed sheets for the two big windows framing my couch. This blanket will be used to bring all of the colors together. I may even buy more so I can make some pillows :). I only have one problem with this yarn though. It is very soft and shiny and slippery. If you don't weave in your ends carefully, they will slip right out of your work.

 I am also working on my 3rd Lucy bag. This one is more toned down than my hippy one I made to begin with. I also plan on lining this one.....
 With this fabric. I dunno if you can see it very well but it has sewing machines and birds Oh I just love it. I found it at my local grocery store which just happens to sell yarn and quilting supplies and such. I fell in love with this fabric and knew I had to use it.

 Here you can see the two together. I know it is going to look smashing! I can't wait to see it all together..Although I am not too sure how to make the lining or sewing it on ...ect.. I guess I will figure it out.

My final picture is of my spud buds. I have been watching these potatoes since I put them in this tub in Mid March. They are just taking off. There are now 8 or so buds poking their heads through the soil. Makes me very happy.

I also got a start (kind of stole it from a bush near my alley :) ) of a lilac bush. I walked by the bush and said..Oh my that smells so heavenly. I looked up on how to get a start and went back and found the shoots I needed. It has good strong roots and I really hope it takes off and thrives.

Ok I know I said my final picture earlier but I had to add a few pictures to so you all.

Tis is the picture from my phone I had printed off of my pups. Shorty is the black and white on on the left and Tinkerbell is the brown and black one on the right.

 Here you can see the finished project on my fireplace. I feel so much better now that I can see her again. She isn't physically here but I can see her and it makes me happy.

Now Finally...again lol....this is my lilac start I just planted. I need to mulch and to stake it. Keep your fingers crossed that it makes it! I really love the smell of lilacs.

Well that is definately it. I have to go swap laundry around and finish the lilac. Thank you all so very much for continuing to read my blog. I appreciate all of you and all of your comments so much!
Until we meet again, Be Blessed.


  1. Hi Erin, nice post.. lots going on! Cute picture of the doggies, sweeties. Sorry again for your loss. Good luck on the lilac, I have many on the farm and they are the BEST.

    Hugs from Oregon, USA -- Teresa :-)

  2. It's strange how we turn to our crafting projects when we feel low, the blanket is gorgeous and i love the bag and hte kining fabric, it's going to be stunning.

    A wonderful framed picture of your little furry friends