Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Hello my wonderful friends. I want to do a quick post to say "THANK YOU" for your kind comments. I know most of you want to read blogs and be inspired and uplifted because this is what I like. Things have been so difficult the past few days I feel like I'm in a gloom. The weather is cooperating as well because we have had little sunshine and lots of rain; over 8 inches.

However, I do have some nice blog posts planned as soon as the gloom outside wears off and I can take some pictures of some crochet projects I am working on. I haven't crocheted in a while because I have been planning, planting, and tending to my garden. I felt like a part of me wasn't being fulfilled so I picked up my hooks and instantly felt better. It has also calmed me down and helped me to cope with the loss of Shorty.

It has been 3 days since she has passed way. Each day gets better and I have moments of emotions. It seems everything I do has a memory tied to her. Most are happy memories like her growling and barking at the vacuum cleaner. Jumping up and nipping my hand if I am standing and ignoring her in front of me, and feeling her and Tinkerbell lying beside me asleep as I play online, read, watch tv. My daughter said it best when she said it feels like someone is missing. That is how big Shorty's personality was.

Also, my car has been vandalized. I got in it to take the kids to school yesterday moring because it was raining and they couldn't walk. Someone had stolen the cd player right out of my car. It sits right in front of my house, under a street light. Brave souls. I guess when it rains it pours, right?

Any whoo...I really did want to thank all of you for you comments. They all helped me to feel better. I hope you continue to read my blog because I promise it won't be gloomy all of the time. It is inspired of my life though and earnest. We all know life isn't always sunny.

Thank you , thank you, thank you all again! Be Blessed.


  1. We know you are not always gloomy... you have a reason now and it's your turn to feel down... some other time will be our turns and you'll make us feel better...
    I'm still happy to read whatever you have to say! :o)

  2. Erin, real friends are there for you when you're down as well as when you're up. You don't have to worry about that. Glad you and the kids are recovering from the shock and loss.

    Hugs from Oregon, -- Teresa :-)