Monday, October 21, 2013

Family shopping, Fall Festival of Leaves

Hello again my wonderful bloggy friends. 
Guess what...Hubby is graciously allowing me to use his laptop to blog (until I can get one of my own) so I can upload pictures. I still haven't resolved the issues with our old desktop. It's so frustrating to want to share snapshots of moments in one's life and cannot.

We had a wonderful family weekend in Ordinary land. My kiddos didn't have school AND hubby didn't have to work on Friday so went out and about. We decided to go to Chillicothe to Party City because the kiddos wanted to see all the great Halloween stuff and possibly get their costumes. Boy those kids were in hog heaven in that store. Two of our 4 found ready made costumes they wanted to wear. Eddie has decided to be Harry Potter and Sj has decided to be a ninja. It was the closest thing to the Assassins Creed guy he could get.

My daughters on the other hand are way different. My oldest, Hope, loves to scare people. She likes to be really creepy and make all the little kids run from her. Last year she made several cry!! This year she chose a weapon and some fangs. Faith isn't like Hope at all. She is very girly and very picky. She looked and pouted and she found something she wanted to be BUT it was twice the price of everyone else's stuff. That is a big no no here. We make sure to spend the same amount on all kids. So I told her that we could get the same look at walmart buying real clothes for half the price. SHE HATED THE IDEA but ultimately we are the parents and she agreed.

After we left Party City we went to Ollie's. Now if you have never been to Ollie's you are really missing out.
Do any of you remember when Big Lots first started? Their stores were really kind of, whats the word, messy?, I dunno but Ollie's reminds me of that. They have a large selection of books. Loads of Bibles and loads of just all kinds of books.  They have loads of all kinds of everything from mattresses to rugs to tools to food. The only thing they lack selection on is clothes. Most of their stuff is priced really cheap. Well, I was able to find loads of spices and extracts and Hope found her a black hoodie to complete her Halloween outfit. 

We left Ollie's and went to Walmart. We found items to mimic the costume Faith wanted. I also picked up a couple pairs of pants for myself (I was down to 2 pairs!!) After leaving Walmart we went to Golden Corral to eat. Then we went to Petland to play with the dogs and then came home.

On Saturday we had made plans to go to the Fall Festival of Leaves. As usual, when we plan to go the weather STINKS!! It was cold and rainy BUT we went anyway. We had a blast walking around looking at all the booths. I even saw a few crochet booths (hmmm...that's what I would love to do).
The highlight of the festival was meeting an online friend and fellow blogger Nikki from The Only Nikki. I really enjoyed meeting her and her parents. She is such a sweet person. I am really hoping we can get together again soon! Oh and don't forget to click on the link to check out her blog!!!

We also met Abraham Lincoln at the Festival and heard him speak. After that we grabbed our funnel cake and elephant ear and some hot chocolate and left. We then went to my mom's house to see my niece who just happened to be up from Georgia this weekend. We then came home and dried off and warmed up!

Sunday we went to church and then came home and ate and started doing the cleaning and doing the laundry we neglected over the weekend. I hated doing it on Sunday, the day of rest, but the kids desperately needed jeans washed for school. Hubby and I also moved everything out of our bedroom so I could really deep clean it. Now I have to re-clean the house from the mess hubby and I made so I really do need to stop typing and get to work!!

Well that is all for now. I will get some pictures together and get some on this blog for you all very soon.
Until then, 
Be Blessed.

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  1. GASP! Ollie's is my FAVORITE STORE!!! There's one pretty close to my house. I swear I'm in there at least once a week. LOVE IT!!!!