Sunday, November 13, 2011

Hello again friends. Whew this has been a marathon week for us. Shopping for Thanksgiving dinner (still not finished), planning Christmas gifts, going to various school functions, having a much needed girls night out...I am exhausted.

I promised in my last post I would share some updates on my works in progress. Since the sun decided to peek for a few minutes I rushed outside to take some pictures. First of all we have my youngest daughter's granny rectangle blanket. She has picked the colors and picked the order of the colors to be crocheted in to the blanket. There are 8 colors in all. I have finally started on the second repeat of the colors. I think once I go through this repeat, the blanket will be twin bed size.

Here you can see the color sequence better. I wasn't sure about her choices in colors at first but I have been pleasantly surprised at how well they all fit together. 
 I love this pattern as it seems to work up so fast. Once I finish this blanket I have to start on the next granny rectangle for my oldest daughter. Her colors are very different and I am interested in seeing how well they work together.


I am also participating in a ripple-a-long. Below is my ripple. I haven't worked on it as much but I feel I am making great headway. I am starting on my 8th color and the colors are completely random. I am closing my eyes and reaching into my scrap bin and pulling out the next color. I am also working 4 rows of a single color. It is wide enough to go across my full size bed. I LOVE this pattern. It is very soothing to count it up.
I also have some other things I have been doing here and there. I am trying to learn how to knit as I so desperately want to make a sweater for myself. (that would be an enormous accomplishment as my skills suck!!!!)  I also have some cotton yarn waiting to be turned into dish cloths and wash cloths. Oh and I have been asked to make a doggie sweater for a neighbor's teeny little puppy. She will be buying me the yarn and I will see what I can make for her. 

I also have big plans for next year's festival season. I want to make lots of crochet items to have my very own booth at the festivals next year and maybe create something truly spectacular to enter in the local fairs. But we will see how that all goes.


Just a glimpse into my week. Thursday my daughter had a Veterans Day program at her school.
I sent in a picture of my brother seen on the screen (right side) since he is an active member of the military (one in many of the people in my family).

The Rainsboro 5th grade put on a very nice presentation and I took the picture below of them taking their bows. The white paper on the other side is a "thank you" to the veterans and the active service members.
Well my friends. I need to go do a laundry swap around and I think I will work a bit on my daughter's blanket. Until next time...Be Blessed.


  1. You are really coming along on your blankets! I bet your daughter is looking forward to having hers to cuddle in. Fun time of year with all the goings on. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Beautiful blankets.
    Busy time of the year, have fun with your family.