Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Busy, Busy Bees (lots of pics and updates)

Hello again my friends. Let me tell you I have been super busy lately. We have had doctors appointments, school programs, gardenings, celebrations...I have been trying my best keeping up with the housework and all the dates everything falls on. I tell you it has been a mad house around here. Things don't show signs of slowing down anytime soon either.

 My hubby and I did take yesterday (Monday) as a relaxing day. A friend of ours took us to a pond where he likes to fish. As you can see from the above picture this place was spectacular. Off of a beaten path, surrounded by corn fields. We saw deer in that field across from my pole.
 As you can see, my hubby caught a fish. He was very proud as this was his first of this fishing season. He ended up with 16 that day. The gentleman sitting behind him is our friend. He ended up with 18 fish.
 Here I am holding up my fish I caught. It was a large mouth bass. I only had 5 for the day. I was more interested in the serenity of the day than the fishing. Of course, we didn't keep these fish, we released them all as we caught them.
 I also took this picture while we were there. These two Canadian Geese were there and if you can see in the picture of them, they had a little baby right between them. I was amazed they let me this close.
 I also have been busy planting, planting, planting. This is one of two flower beds in front of my porch. This one is on the left. From left to right I have "Georgia Peach Coral Bells"; "Winky Double Rose/white columbine"; "First Frost Plantain Lily Hosta"; and "Palace Purple Coral Bells". All of these plants are shade plants as my front porch is shaded all day except for an hour or two in the evening.
 Here is the right side. The same plants have been planted here in the reverse order.
 Here is a picture (although not very good) of both beds in front of my porch.
 Here is garden bed #1. It is fully planted now. This bed contains Beefsteak tomatoes and cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, jalapeno and bell peppers, dill and chives. (The cups were to protect my little seedlings from the neighborhood rabbit)
 Garden Bed #2 contains Squash, beans, corn, okra, zucchini, lettuce, and cilantro.
 Garden bed #3 has cantaloupe, watermelon, sage, basil, eggpolant, zucchini, broccoli, carrots, and onions. I hope to get some up close pics of my plants soon.
 Here are 2 of the lovely white marigolds my neighbor gave me. They are planted at the base of my shepherds hook with my bird feeders (note the birdseed all around)
 My tub of potatoes! They have been covered up with soil and have emerged again. I hope we get lots of potatoes from this single tub.
The above pic is of something extremely special. These little succulents are called Hens and chicks. Some of these little babies were my grandmother's. She had them from her mom. They mean so much to me. To have something living that has been passed through the generations.

Now for a little business. As I stated we, well I have been going to the doctor. I have a growth beside my nose diagnosed by my family physician as a "skin tag". I am going to go in September to have it removed (dermatologist has been booked that long). More pressing is that it is time for my annual female check. It has been a few years since I had one and as I have stated before, I  did have cervical "carcinoma in stu" which was resolved by the LEEP proceedure back in 2006. I always get nervous when it is time for my exam because I am afraid the "cancerous cells" are back. Please my friends, please pray for good results from the tests that will be done on May 19th. I will try to keep you updated as best I can. Oh, and I am getting my thyroid checked as well. Once upon a time I had an overactive thyroid (most of my life). I wasn't able to gain weight and hovered around 94lbs. They are going to check to see if I need to go back on meds. Please pray for good news with that too.

Well my friends, that is going to be all for tonight as a very bad lightening/thunder storm is nearly here. I'm going to unplug my computer and crochet a bit.
Thank you all for reading!
Be Blessed.


  1. Erin, I hope all the issues you're worried about all all okay - you're in my thoughts and prayers. That pond sure was pretty. I hope your sunburn is better. We got some hens and chicks from Dayle's Dad but they didn't thrive out here - it's too shady and moist. Your lucky yours are good.

    Let us know how the doctors appt goes. Hugs, Teresa

  2. Erin, you have been busy! ALL your gardens both flower and vegetables are so beautiful and well kept. So nice you and your hubby could spend time together and relax at a beautiful spot. Loved the baby gosling.
    I sincerely hope all your tests and exams come out well and you can get through them without too much anxiety.
    Blessings to you and your family, xoRobin❤

  3. Your garden plantings looks wonderful, lots of lovely foods will be eaten at your place this season

    My thoughts are with you at this worrying time, i hope all goes well and the news is good for all xx