Thursday, February 10, 2011

Updates and New yarn!

Hello my lovely bloggy friends. There are lots of goings on here in my neck of the woods. I have been one busy woman, as I always am :). This time more of luxury running around than needful running around.

I want to take a moment and thank each and every one of you for the wonderful birthday wishes you sent to me. I enjoyed my birthday very much. I received lots of handmade goodies from my kiddos and a day of relaxation from my honey the day afterwards. I embrace getting older. I love to learn and do new things. I hope I live to be over 80 years of age and stay in reasonably good health so I can sit on my front porch as an elderly lady, in a rocking chair, crocheting my heart out and playing grandma to all the little kids in the neighborhood.

I have been getting out and doing more sociable things lately. The Saturday before last I went to a Pampered Chef party. Ooooh the lovely kitcheney items that are sold there. I did manage to buy some biscuit cutters, cutting boards, and a neat measuring cup. I will do a post on those things when they come in.
This past Saturday I was invited to a Passion Party. For those of my bloggy readers who may not know what that is, well it can be a sensitive subject to some, but it is a party or get-together that shows and sells sensual candles, massage oils, and other bedroom novelties. There were 20 or so ladies there and let me tell you, it was a blast.

 Here is a picture of all of us ladies. The middle with glasses and the green sweater is my friend Angie. She was the host of this party. Can you spot me? I am in the purple sweater between the 2nd and 3rd girls (from left) in the front row. I think I look a little funny in this picture but I was laughing my hiney off at these crazy women.

 At this very moment I am taking a break from cleaning. Valentine's day is in full swing in our house. My kiddos love to cut and create and glue and well leave me the mess. Here it is in full scope. Glue was spilled on chairs and paper..well you can see.

 Here is another more up-close view of all the cut paper on the floor. I just wish my kiddos would learn to clean up their own messes. That way I can have more hooky time.

 Here you can see the full scope of the mess on my table. Ahhh...mommy hood and those messes. BUT did you notice one good wonderful thing? The sun is shining outside. It is wonderful to see. Of course my puppies jumped right up on my table (which I don't allow) and sat themselves right in the sun. I did allow it for today because we haven't seen sunshine in such a long time.

I also bought some yarn today. It was about $40 worth. I had to get some to finish up a baby blanket I have been working on forever and get some so when I finish my youngest son's granny stripe, I can start on my oldest son's granny stripe.

 Here you can see the Red Heart Super Saver I bought. I purchased 11 skeins. I must say ahead of time that the red on the far left is actually more like the red in the middle and the red in the middle is a nice burgundy color.

 Ahh...Here you are from top view. From left to right the colors are as follows: #0319 Cherry red,
# 0631 Light Sage, #0341 Light Grey, #0376 Burgundy, # 0313 Aran, #0254 Pumpkin, # 0387 Soft Navy. My son's favorite color is red so I thought these colors would be great for his GS.
 I also bought some of this beautiful yarn. it is Bernat Baby Jacquards color # 06230 Spearmint candy. I think these last 2 skeins will be enough to finish the hearts baby blanket I have been working on since summer.
Here is the picture of what I have so far. The pattern is super easy. It uses Front Post Double Crochet to create a little heart in the pattern. I love working on it on the go.

Once I finish my youngest son's GS and my oldest son's GS, I am planning on making Giant granny rectangles for my daughter's blankets. I am hoping to have them all finished by fall. I guess I need to unfreeze my hook and get on it. :P

Well my friends I am off to clean up that disaster my kids left me. I hope to have a Ta-Dah post for you real soon. Thank you all for reading my blog and until next time...Be Blessed.


  1. I like the idea of being an old lady in a rocking chair! Your new yarn and blanket look lovely!!

  2. Looks like you are having some really fun times!!! That's wonderful. I remember those craft days, they were the best!! Now I do them with my granddaughters. Glad you had a great Birthday and I hope it's a terrific year, sounds like it is off to a great start. God bless these sunny days, xoRobin

  3. What a lovely and happy post to read Erin, the party looks like fun.

    Great new wool! It's nice to encourage kids in their crafting times, mess can soon be cleaned up, its the fun thats the most important part of it, i'm sure you had the house all ship shape in no time.