Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ahh these kids.

If you have kids you know how helpless you feel when one of them is sick. Last night was one of those nights when I was so on edge, so worried, so nervous about one of my kids being sick. I get this way when any of my kids are vomiting. I can handle if it is once or even twice but when one of them just keeps vomiting, well it worries me. I have anxiety and this just makes it even worse. I worry about them getting dehydrated, I worry about them falling asleep, I worry to worry. I mainly worry about everyone else getting it.

My husband is the best though. He knows how I feel about vomiting. He trys his best to keep me calm. He remembers in these times that my son's stomache is testy and that last night's worrying vomiting episode was probably brought on by all of the fast food and pepsi that my chilren are not accustom to eating. I however am thinking the worst. Food poisoning, stomache flu, anything.

The good news is that my son is feeling better today. At least he isn't so pale he looks ghostly. He is covered up on the couch watching cartoons and laughing. I am happy he is feeling a little better. However, I am praying very hard for God to put a bubble around the rest of us and that we don't get it...if it was a virus...So if anyone out there reads this...please pray for my family NOT to get the pukes...

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